2020 Monthly Blog Series

New year, new series! I spent a lot of time thinking about how Lemon Stripes would look this year over the break and based on your responses to my survey, I decided to commit to 5 monthly series here on the blog.

This year I have a more organized system for my content calendar and will be scheduling time towards the end of each month to plan content for the following month, giving myself enough time to shoot and write each post, so here’s hoping I actually stick to everything below.

1. Sustainability Challenges: Last year I shared wellness challenges each month where I’d challenge myself and you to things like like meditating every day or not drinking alcohol for a month. I was excited about them but they were kind of a bust so I cut them out halfway through the year.

I love challenges where we can all support and encourage each other to be better and I’ve been so impressed with how far you have taken the water bottle challenge. So I’m turning it into a monthly series of attainable, easy-to-navigate challenges that you can complete in your life to reduce your carbon footprint in one way or another. I’ll be announcing January’s challenge tomorrow and I really hope that you will join me in it!

2. 5 Random Things: This was my favorite monthly series last year because it was fun to share my quick thoughts on 5 things I was really loving each and every month. It always felt very organic and natural to write and you guys loved it so it will be sticking around. This year, though, I’ll be changing it up so it isn’t just 5 products. It will include TV shows, books, podcasts, and products and I’ll continue to cap it at 5 things. So it’s basically Life Lately and 5 Random Things rolled into one.

3. Recipes: I consistently posted recipes last year and will continue this through 2020 based on your feedback. I love to cook and create concoctions in my kitchen so this is always fun for me too. And if you want more recipe content, check out the recipes highlight on my Instagram page. I do a lot more 0n-the-fly food content there.

4. Fitness Posts with Anel: It is kind of crazy that I have a fitness expert living in my home but I don’t use him for content. My husband knows more about working out and the human body than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s constantly reading books, going to classes, and listening to podcasts to gain more knowledge on things like how to avoid back pain (for me!), not losing strength as you age, and post-partum workouts. He and I are sitting down later this week to map out the content he is going to create for Lemon Stripes this year. It will most likely be a mix of workouts and tips.

5. Wear it 3 Ways: To be honest I had a hard time with this one. Half of you loved my re-wear it posts and half of you said they were your least favorite series when you took my survey. So I’m amping it up and taking it in the direction of my last few re-wear it posts by styling one piece from my closet 3 ways. This will showcase how to wear one item of clothing more than once and forces me to get a little more creative. I really want to encourage all of us (myself included) to re-wear clothing that we already own in different ways instead of buying new clothes for every occasion. And I think this series showcases that well.

Bonus: Decor As We Go: Decorating my home is one of my all-time favorite things to do. If I had unlimited funds and time I would spend my days learning about interior design. I’m so fascinated by it and love how small tweaks and decisions can change your entire house. We are slowly but surely decorating our new house and instead of only showing you the finished product, I am going to give updates on rooms as we go. This series won’t necessarily be monthly but as projects come up, I’ll post them. For example I’m working on a gallery wall for our basement stairs right now and will post about how I did that on a budget in a few weeks when it’s all done.

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see more consistently around these parts!

Photo by Julia Dags.

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