2021 Goals & Plans

Happy 2021! I have high hopes for this year. Not in the same way I have in previous years but I’m looking forward to (personally) becoming a mama again and (globally) seeing this vaccine implemented. I hope that by the end of this year things look very different than they do now. I think we all know, realistically, that it is going to take time and lots of baby steps, but I plan to celebrate each and every one… especially inauguration day!

Thank you to everyone who took my content survey at the end of last year. Over 1000 of you responded and reading your thoughts was beyond helpful.

2021 Goals: Work

I usually have a lengthy list here but honestly, this year, I am going to just try to keep things running as they are and do my best each and every day without putting too much pressure on myself. My focus is going to be on continuing to create content that makes me feel happy/proud, making at least the same income as last year, and connecting with you guys as much as possible.

It feels weird to go into a new year without a big career goal, but it also feels right for me right now. Those first few months of new-motherhood are intense and I want to focus on my baby and my own mental health during that time.

I guess one goal I have is to take real maternity leave this time around! With Amalia, I took off about two weeks and it was way too soon for me to go back to work full time. So I’m planning ahead for content already and plan to have some amazing guest posters during the month or two that I take off from the blog. If there is anything you want to see or anyone you want to hear from during that time, let me know!

2021 Goals: Personal

Becoming a (good) mom of two: My life is about to be flipped on its head again and my biggest goal this year is to try and enjoy the newborn stage with baby boy and also give attention to Amalia without completely losing my mind. To do this, I have regular therapy lined up, I’m staying on my anxiety meds, and Anel and I have had countless talks about how we are going to divide tasks.

At this point in parenthood, we know that the only thing we know for sure is that we have no idea what’s coming but we’re still going to do our best to prepare.

When I think about what I want long-term in my life, I know that my number one goal is for my kids to look back on their childhood fondly and think of us as good parents who gave them a happy life. So that’s my biggest focus right now.

Continuing with Fair Play: Anel and I re-upped our Fair Play game in December and it really helped our relationship yet again. It’s amazing how much this simple exercise changes our everyday domestic life and the way we interact with each other. Reading this book and implementing the rules of the game in our home has been one of the best things we’ve ever done for our marriage and we’re both committed to keeping it going, especially when the new baby comes.

Welcoming chickens to our crew: I finally gave in on the chicken debate and we have 8 baby chicks joining our family next month. We will be keeping them in the basement with a heat lamp for the first few months and we’re putting up a chicken coop and chicken run in our backyard in the spring. Anel grew up with dozens of chickens on his farm and is so excited to take care of them and have fresh eggs daily.

The chickens will not be for meat, only eggs. Amalia is beyond excited and while I’m still on the fence, I’m delighted to know we’ll be living off our land even more. Stay tuned for all chicken-related details.

Content survey results

Your favorite type of posts: 

What you want to see more of: Garden (Anel is thrilled!), fitness, baby-related, and wellness posts were the top answers followed by more motherhood and marriage advice posts.

And lots of people asked to bring my book club back. Here’s the deal with that… Reading is one of my few self-care acts that is truly just for me and making it work took the self-care part of it away for me. So what I think might do the trick is to do more book reviews as I read in addition to the short recaps I do in my 5 random things posts.

Sustainability challenge ideas: I have been struggling with what new challenges to post and you guys gave me a ton of great ideas including baby/kid products, a meatless month, how to appropriately recycle, and less food waste in the fridge. I think I’m going to start with that last one because it’s something we’ve been working on a lot in my house. Keep an eye out for that in the next two weeks.

I’m not going to introduce any new series or promise any content this year but I will continue with the sustainability challenges and 5 random things posts as well as do more book reviews in addition to all other content including pregnancy, nursery, and new baby stuff which I just love writing about!

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  1. Hayley said:

    Great goals! I think they sound pretty perfect for 2021.

    1.4.21 · Reply
  2. Andrea said:

    Your baby is going to be so loved! Congratulations!

    1.4.21 · Reply
  3. Kristie Wilson said:

    Love this post and your realistic approach to this year. Regarding the book club, it’s so smart to realize you don’t want to make it work too. I think book reviews or mini recaps in your fave things post is a good solution.

    1.5.21 · Reply