My Favorite Products of 2020

I love writing this post every year. I keep a list of products all year long and then whittle them down to include here. This year’s list is disorganized and all over the place (#pregnantandalso2020) but it’s full of a lot of great things that have made my life better in 2020.

I’m sure I’m missing some as I have not been on my A-game lately but if I think of more I’ll add them to the list.

On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing the best books I read this year so be sure to check back for that. And check out my favorite products of 2019 if you want more.

And let me know what your favorite products were that you bought from Lemon Stripes this year!

Equilibria Daily Drops, $46

I obviously can’t take CBD right now, but before I got pregnant, Equilibria Daily Drops got me through much of the anxiety in the first half of the year. I know you’ve probably seen these everywhere but that is for good reason. They really work. Even Anel and my dad swear by them now. The mint flavor is my favorite because it tastes much better and has the same effect. Out of all the things I can’t consume while pregnant, Daily Drops are what I miss the most! Use code LEMONSTRIPES for 20% off.

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Fabric Shaver, $7.99

This small but mighty little tool has saved me countless trips to the dry cleaner to de-pill sweaters. A friend of mine recommended it and Anel and I are both hooked. It shaves pills off of any sweater or linen, making it look brand new in 5 minutes. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $14.50

I was getting headaches from staring at my computer all day so I tried these and they have made a huge difference!

EF Collection Earring, $213

I bought myself this dainty little earring for one of my second holes at the beginning of the year and have worn it every day since.

True & Co. Bra, $44

If you’re looking for the most comfortable bra in the world, look no further. It’s a great option for when you don’t feel like wearing underwire but don’t want the look of a sports bra. I have been wearing it to work from home every day since March and it’s the perfect solution for that. I bought one of the DD-cup versions for pregnancy (yes my boobs are that big) and it’s the only bra right now that doesn’t dig into my shoulders and sides.

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Wet Hair Scrunchies, $18

These bad boys have changed my hair-drying game. I’ve written about them multiple times this year for good reason. After a shower, I throw one in and let my hair air dry for about an hour which means less heat when I blow dry later. The scrunchie sucks so much water out that my blow-drying time is less than 5 minutes! And when I blow-dry, I use this brush dryer tool. The combo of that plus the scrunchie makes my hair not feel dry/brittle after blow-outs.

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Tommy John Sleep Tee, $52

I own this uber-soft sleep tee in 3 colors (one was gifted, I bought the others!) and wear it to bed every single night. It’s the perfect weight and fabric for how hot I get.

Air Fryer, $79

We got this as a Christmas gift in 2018 but I didn’t use it until this year. I use it almost daily for heating up bread and frozen food and for cooking quick and easy dinners.

Tretorn Sneakers, $59

My friend, a personal stylist, told me that these were her favorite, most worn sneakers and suggested that I try them. She was right! They have an elastic heel so you can slip them right on and they feel like wearing slippers, they’re so comfy. I wore them all spring/summer/fall and they looked equally great with dresses, shorts, and jeans. They’re definitely my favorite non-sporty sneakers, and they’re a great price too.

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Prose Hair Products

Ok I know I’ve talked this customized hair line to death but Prose has changed my hair for the better in so many ways. It’s thicker, shinier, and healthier and this was all before I got pregnant. I now exclusively use their shampoo and conditioner and do a hair mask weekly. Fill out their online survey to get recommendations for your hair type and location and this link will get you $10 off your first order!

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Artis Makeup Brush, $60

I was introduced to Artis through an IG partnership and this brush has taught me how to actually put on make up. I’m not great with beauty stuff and this makes it so easy! I can use less product and it blends in so much more smoothly. It also works with both powder and liquid makeup.

Weighted Phone Charger, $39

I put this on my gift guide for men every year and then realized I just needed it for myself too. I was constantly bending down to pick up my iPhone charger and now it stays perfectly still on my nightstand each and every night. It’s the little things…

Face Mask Pack, $25

What’s a 2020 product list without a face mask or two? I rotate through favorites so decided to add my current go-to which was a recent purchase from Everlane. These masks are affordable ($5 each), made sustainably, and 10% of each sale goes to the ACLU. The fabric is soft, the size is great, and the ear straps are comfy. 10/10 masks right here! And if you’re still iffy about Everlane, I’ve been following the changes they’ve been making and you can read more here if you’re interested.

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Toddler Routine Chart, $29

We found this cute felt routine chart for Amalia when we were having trouble getting her to pick up her toys before bed. For a while we made a deal that if she completed each task at night for X days, she would get a treat. As she’s gotten older, we no longer have to do that, but it’s helped to get her into better habits and more excited for chores/routines.

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Google Nest Hub, $89

Anel convinced me to get a Google Hub and I was super hesitant at first. Now I can’t imagine life without it! It lives in our kitchen and I use it to play music, set timers for cooking, and to watch Amalia’s room if she’s up there (we have a Nest camera that hooks up to it).

Bamboozle Composter Bin, $39

We started composting this year and I wanted the indoor component to look nice on our kitchen counter. I read a bunch of reviews and ended up getting this one which I fill up daily and then bring out to our outdoor composter every few days.

Coupe Glasses, $195

I bought myself this set of 6 coupe glasses for my birthday from a new-to-me female Black-owned business, Estelle Colored Glass, and thoroughly enjoyed them for cocktails for all of a month until I got pregnant. Now I drink seltzer out of them and they make me feel fancy! And as we all know, these days it’s all about the small joys in life.

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Dropps Dishwasher Pods, $17

For one of my 2020 sustainability challenges, I committed to greening up our household cleaning products. But finding a natural dish detergent or pod that actually worked was impossible. I tried multiple brands and everything left our dishes stained or streaked. I took to Instagram and hundreds of you recommended Dropps so I tested them out and was shocked that they actually worked as well as Cascade but without all the chemicals and the strong scent.

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Bombas Socks, $68

The pricetag on these socks is admitedly ridiculous but Anel had been singing their praises forever so I finally splurged on a 6-pack. I will never go back to regular socks again. They stay on with sneakers and have most perfectly cushion-y bottom.

Ritual Prenatal Vitamins, $30

I could not stomach prenatal vitamins in my first trimester at all. I tried 3 brands before my sister convinced me to move to Ritual which didn’t make me at all nauseous! I now keep them on subscribe and save.

Petit Keep Trunk, $249

A Lemon Stripes reader makes these sweet keepsake trunks for storing old baby clothes and goods to pass on to your children one day. She sent me one for Amalia and it was so special to fill it up with her. I already pre-ordered a navy one with blue gingham for baby boy! One day I’ll give these to each of my kids so they can continue the tradition.

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Chest Freezer, $200

Our garden has produced more vegetables than we’ve been able to eat so Anel and I started freezing them for winter. Our freezer quickly started overflowing so we bought a chest freezer for the basement and now I can’t imagine living without one! It stores our backstock of veggies but also extra meat, frozen meals for Amalia, and other staples that don’t fit into our fairly small freezer.

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Byedon Sweatshirt, $34

I feel very proud to say that the Byedon sweatshirt was one of the most purchased items by you guys this year! I still wear it constantly.

Lawn Sign, $10

I often see people slow down as they drive by our house to read this sign and that makes me happy. We plan to keep it up until it falls apart.


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  1. Libby said:

    Tommy John is definitely on my list of favorite things from 2020, and I first heard about the brand from you!! I am obsessed with their undies, and asked for a bralette for christmas! Consider this reader #influenced lol. I cannot wait for your best books of the year post!!

    12.7.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I need to try the bralette post-partum! I live for their undies and joggers too xx

      12.10.20 · Reply
  2. Elizabeth+Hajost said:

    I’ve read a lot of ‘best of…’ blog posts and yours is the best BY FAR. I’m going to come back and make several purchases from your links. And I continue to appreciate your personal honesty. Several bloggers who I used to enjoy have become too slick and packaged with content solely designed to sell affiliated products. I get that blogging is a business and posts must be monetized but I appreciate your balance between product and showing the real person behind the posts. Thank you!

    12.10.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Aww thanks so much, that means a lot!

      12.10.20 · Reply
  3. Erin said:

    I love these posts!

    I’m five weeks postpartum and bought the True and Co for Target bra and LOVE it for nursing. It’s easy to pull down, comfortable, and provides more support than standard nursing bras. My one complaint is I wish it were cotton for a little more breathability when things start to leak.

    12.11.20 · Reply
  4. Teresa said:

    Love this guide. I love Bombas socks, too. Yes, they are expensive, but remember for every one bought, one is donated to someone in need. I volunteer at a food pantry in CT and one day I saw a huge truck drive up and they were looking for our nearby thrift shop. What was in the truck? An entire truckload of Bombas socks. So I really saw what they do! Wonderful company and awesome socks.

    12.11.20 · Reply