The Gift of a Clean House

I think that every mother’s fantasy is to have someone else clean her home and pick up after her children. It’s a nonstop ongoing battle that can never be won!

In one of my very favorite partnerships of all time (seriously), last week Merry Maids of Fairfield came over to clean my entire house for me. I quite literally teared up when they were done and felt immense gratitude for the two women who cleaned and disinfected the high-touch areas in my home in PPE. I not only had the cleanest house I’ve had in months, but I felt safe while they were doing it.

Scroll down to see the photos I took right when they left which also acts as a mini home tour and bedroom update. The whole house sparkled, I swear!

Merry Maids is a national brand, but all businesses have local owners and operators so it feels even better to support them as a small business of sorts. Up until now my favorite gift for new moms has been to send a meal from her favorite restaurant in the first two weeks of motherhood, but now I think a house-cleaning would make the ultimate new-mom gift, something I hadn’t thought of before.

The team members at Merry Maids offer customized home cleaning and organizational services depending on what you’re looking for. As a new mom who is changing constant diapers and too tired to do much of anything, to have someone clean your house would be the ultimate luxury.

In my case, two team members came in and cleaned my house from top to bottom (including the basement, inside of the oven, and in the fridge and sanitize it all as well. They disinfected all high-touch surfaces and even left a cute little bottle of hand sanitizer as a gift.

The best part was that they put away all of Amalia’s toys in her playroom, making it completely spotless for maybe the first time ever?

Their line of maintenance products, Merry Maids Essentials™, include a subset of products that are SaferChoice® approved—which means they are safe and sustainable (and have passed stringent criteria established by the EPA). If you’re interested in green products for your home, you can request that line like I did.

I love their rule that if a customer isn’t happy with the service, they can contact the location within 24 hours to have someone come back and take care of what they weren’t pleased with.

Checkout more on the Merry Maids website and scroll down for lots of pictures of my very clean house!

As a personal thank you to the incredible teachers and healthcare workers who are working overtime right now to keep us all safe, I’m going to pay for a cleaning for one local healthcare worker and one local teacher. Check my Instagram today for details on how to nominate someone. PS thank you to the reader who gave me this idea!

Thank you to Merry Maids for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Photos by Julia Dags.

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  1. Alex Pappas said:

    My MIL gifted us a weekly cleaning lady after I had my first, 3 years later and she still comes every week! Best investment

    12.3.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Such a nice gift, wow! My mom did that for us when we had Amalia too. It’s such a game changer

      12.6.20 · Reply
  2. Adrianna Iafolla said:

    We’re moving to Fairfield in January and getting a cleaning lady is one of the first things on my list. So happy to hear about this company and how much you loved them! Can’t wait to get an estimate.

    12.3.20 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      Welcome to the ‘hood! I hope you love it here xx

      12.6.20 · Reply
  3. Jackie said:

    My mom had cancer when I was a kid and she says the best gift you can give someone who is sick is a clean house! Love this partnership!

    12.3.20 · Reply