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As kids gear up to go back to school in a few weeks during the most intense time most of us have ever lived through, I wanted to find a way to support the teachers who are both risking their health and doing the invaluable work of educating our children during the COVID era.

I recently learned that many teachers not only have to buy most of their classroom supplies but also have to supply their own PPE. Those costs can add up in a big way which adds another layer of stress to an already very stressful time.

This community never ceases to amaze me with your generosity when it comes to important matters so today I’m asking for your help to support our teachers when they need it most.

150 teachers filled out a form I shared on Instagram with their Amazon classroom links and how we as a community can support them. I hid their personal info but shared the class wishlists and comments so that we can all support them together.

You can find all 150 responses here. I only included the comments that applied to the whole community as opposed to ideas that I can do (like hosting an IG live with teachers and administrators).

Because there were so many, I’m thinking that if you want to donate to a specific list, find someone in an area near you and start there. If their wishlist is already full, move on to the teacher below on the spreadsheet. If anyone has a better way to do this, please let me know!

On another note, if you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist and you have any free time and want to donate 30-60 minutes of your time, fill out your info here and I’ll connect you with a teacher who needs some extra support. I can’t imagine the emotional rollercoasters they’re on right now and I know how powerful therapy can be.

Support our teachers and help fulfill their classroom wishlists. Thank you in advance from the teachers, their students, and me!

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