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Happy New Year, guys! It’s been a minute, am I right? Taking off two weeks from blogging and social media (mostly) was definitely restorative but I truly missed it, something that I never felt in other jobs, which made me realize just how lucky I am to be doing the work that I love on a daily basis. So today I’m back with a post I’m really excited for, and spent a lot of the break thinking about.

New Years resolutions aren’t really my thing. They always seem to fizzle out around mid-February and are completely forgotten by March. So this year, I took a note from Victoria, and am implementing a word of the year instead. Her word for 2017 was focus, and in her post she wrote about how she was going to focus on focus (get it?!) in different facets of her life.

After reading that a few weeks ago, I’ve thought daily about what I want my word to be. I bounced back and forth between different ideas, and finally landed on mindfulness.

Mindful of my time
Working from home is an incredible thing, but it’s easy to get lazy, to push things off to the last minute, and to procrastinate like a boss. I mean I’m with my dog and TV all day long! While I’m incredibly organized, towards the end of the year I started to slack off more than usual and feel now like I’m paying the price. I didn’t have content lined up for the holiday break, my blog posts felt kind of blah, my Snapchat Q&A’s (previously my favorite part of the work week) fell totally off the radar, and I’ve been in a constant state of trying to play catch up on my own work and for the projects I manage for my husband’s business.

Yesterday, after 10 days of houseguests and traveling with no break, I finally had a minute to myself to make some lists, pump out some work, catch up on email, and feel on top of my sh*t again. For Christmas, I got a new computer (pictured above!) that is going to make “going to work” a lot easier. I was on my laptop 100% of the time until now which made my neck and shoulders hurt, and gave me anxiety about sitting at my desk, a place that I should be excited to head to in the mornings.

Goal: To be more organized about my work, and stay on a schedule during the weekdays.

Mindful of my body
My relationship with working out has always been spotty. I go through phases of intense exercise followed by extreme laziness. This past year has brought me more balance, but I still feel like I need to up my game. I always fee better on the days that I workout, and in addition to scheduling my workdays, I’m coming up with a system to schedule my workouts every week. Luckily I have Madison (who works for my husband) to train me once a week, and I hike 1-2x/week with the dog, but I want to add yoga back into the mix for a mind/body connection that I’m seriously craving.

Goal: Complete three workouts weekly, including lifting with my trainer, a yoga class, and a hike with the dog.

Mindful with my mind
As per the yoga comment, sometimes I feel as if my brain is turning to mush with all of the daily screen time that’s inevitable these days. While yoga is one piece of the puzzle in grounding myself to reality, I know that I need more. I’m literally craving it! I’ve backed off of my meditation practice in the last few weeks, and my goal for January is to meditate every single day. I’ve written about Headspace before, and I’m totally jumping back on the bandwagon.

While the phone and computer are unavoidable in my line of work, I can cut back on one screen in particular: TV. In the last few months I’ve been doing more TV time than usual and, while in the moment, it feels good and relaxing, after a binge session or too much Real Housewives, my brain feels more tired and fried than it did when I started. Does anyone else ever feel that or am I just cray?

Goal: Practice yoga weekly, meditation daily, and watch less TV.

Mindful with my money
Anel and I try to save money whenever we can. We saved for years to buy our house, but since then, the urgency has been less and we’ve been more lax in our savings goals. In 2017 we want to start a family, and with that will come many expenses that I’m sure I haven’t even thought of yet! We already sit down once a week to review our finances which has helped immensely… It keeps us in the loop on what’s going on financially in each other’s businesses and holds both of us accountable for our spending. I’m adding a new piece to that puzzle this year to always talk, in those meetings, about our savings goal for the month and if we’re going to hit it or not. I’m hoping it will light a fire under us to keep at it!

Goal: Create a monthly savings goal and stick to it. Setting a weekly budget and sticking to that!

I’d love to hear your word of 2017! Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    With regard to working out, I find that taking a mid-day walk every day is beneficial both physically and mentally. I take a 45 minute walk during my lunch break every day. They say you also should get up from the computer every hour and do about 250 steps so if I remember, I try to do a lap around the office. This helps with the back and neck pain from hunching over the computer all day. I had bad back and neck pain before Christmas because I was working too many hours hunched over a computer.

    My fitness goal for this year is to stretch every day, probably by doing some yoga. That also helps with the hunched over the computer back and neck pain.

    As for less screen time, I agree with you. I find that t.v. and Instagram become a mindless suck. While I already read, I want to read more so one of my goals for this year is to make 7-8 p.m. every evening a time to read, whether it is the book I am currently reading or catching up on all my magazines that seem to pile up (Time, Fortune, etc.). While I try to read before bed, I usually end up reading for ten minutes before falling asleep.

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • Totally agree about the mid-day walk but I seem to always forget it. Thank you for the reminder!

      I love reading before bed and find that I can’t sleep without it but, like you, I tend to fall asleep quickly. i love your idea of making a reading hour earlier in the night. Keep me posted!

      1.3.17 · Reply
  2. My word is intentional! I want to be more intentional with my time, with who I’m spending it with, and what I’m spending it on! I also want to be more intentional with my money and my phone. I am aimlessly on my phone SO MUCH but with my wedding this year I want to get off it!
    I love your word, good luck this year!

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • LOVE LOVE LOVE! Good luck and stick with it 🙂

      1.3.17 · Reply
  3. mQs said:

    Mindfulness is so important. You should checkout the book A Year of Mindfully Living. It’s a great way to make mindfulness a daily practice in your life.

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • Amazing, thank you! Going to by it right now on Amazon.

      1.3.17 · Reply
  4. Angela Scibilia said:

    I loooove that you chose the word mindfulness as your word for the year. It’s something that so many people forget.

    Happy New Year!


    1.3.17 · Reply
    • It’s easy to forget in this day and age, but so so important!

      1.3.17 · Reply
  5. Dana said:

    I watch very little tv as it is and often feel like a pop culture fool but I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who knows that life is possible without it. 🙂

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • I’d rather be a pop culture fool than have a brain made of mush. Keep on doing your thing, girl!

      1.3.17 · Reply
  6. Meg Hall said:

    Love this post! My “word(s)” are “Long-term”… I think too much in a short-term echo chamber and it stresses me out for (most of the time) no reason. “Long-term” can be applied to all of the above as well (savings, etc) so thank you for the inspiration!

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • Love that! It’s so easy to focus on what feels good in the moment but long term goals challenge us in new ways. Good luck, lady!

      1.3.17 · Reply
  7. Fernanda Abreu said:

    So happy you´re back! I miss yours posts so much. I always read a little bit during lunch break 🙂 Kisses from a Brazilian reader.

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • Awww thank you so much! Send us some sunshine from Brazil, we need it today 🙂

      1.3.17 · Reply
  8. Lindsay Crouch said:

    This post is SO inspiring- thank you for sharing! I have started using headpsace recently as well and have found it to be a total game changer. Keep us updated on how this goes!

    1.3.17 · Reply
    • Yes! Such a game changer. I’ll keep you posted for sure 🙂

      1.3.17 · Reply
  9. Devon said:

    Seriously, thank you for this post! I need to do all of these things, especially starting meditation. Cheers to a new year and a fresh start! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

    1.3.17 · Reply
  10. Glad you are back! I like this idea of a word; I never got on the resolution bandwagon either. I always figured if I couldn’t do it/keep it together/change during the year, just because the date was 1/1 wasn’t going to magically make it happen. And a big “me too” on your Real Housewives comment.

    1.3.17 · Reply
  11. Wendy said:

    i’m trying to be more present this year. As an anxious person, I find it all to get caught up in worries.

    1.4.17 · Reply
  12. graceatwood said:

    “I go through phases of intense exercise followed by extreme laziness.”


    Loved this post so much, Julia… great goals for the year ahead. XOXO

    1.4.17 · Reply
  13. Katie said:

    Oh my gosh, love love love this! Happy New Year, Julia!


    1.7.17 · Reply
  14. Josh said:

    You’re right, Katie. Mindfulness is a practice that can be used in all areas of your life. I try to teach this to my clients everyday that are trying to lead a better lifestyle.


    6.15.17 · Reply