My Favorite Products of 2021

This is one of my favorite posts to put together each year, and normally I do it in December but last month was basically a wash for the Dzafic family so here we are! From a frozen dessert-maker to a game-changing mascara, these 20 items made our lives a little bit easier and a little bit nicer.

You might notice that I didn’t include any kid products. I’m going to be sharing another list next week with those. Check out my favorite products of 2020 and 2019 too!

Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum, $75+

This serum completely changed my skin. It has given me the most amazing glow, cleared up my congestion, and plumped up my collagen. I dedicated a whole blog post to it if you want to read more.

Solo Stove Bonfire, $279

I bought Anel the Solo Stove for our anniversary and until it hit freezing, we used it every few nights. You use real wood but it doesn’t get smokey. And there is minimal ash to clean up afterward. It makes a great gift!

Bombas No-Show Socks, $45/4 pairs

In 2020 I traded in my socks for Bombas and it was the best decision ever. Nothing beats them in comfort or durability. I added the cushioned ankle socks to my collection and love them to wear with sneakers.

Veja Sneakers, $150

Speaking of sneakers… I love this pair of Veja’s so much. I wear them all the time because they’re easy to slip on and off with velcro. Do I look like an old man slash little kid? Perhaps, but I’m cool with that.

Thrive Causemetics Mascara, $29

If you buy one thing on this list, it should be this mascara. It elongates my lashes like nothing else, but the best part is that it comes off without makeup remover yet doesn’t run. It makes no sense but I promise it’s real.

Nugget Ice Maker, $499

Anel bought me the nugget ice maker for my birthday and it is a wonderful piece of machinery. It elevates every cocktail and even makes a glass of water more exciting. There’s something about tiny pieces of ice that really does it for me.

Ninja Air Fryer, $199

In other kitchen gadget news, our air fryer stopped working this fall and I bought this one after reading lots of reviews. It has been a great upgrade and the two separate baskets have been an unexpected savior at dinner time.

Tanning Drops, $29

For a natural glow in the dead of winter, I use a few drops of this mixed with my serum at night, and bam, I wake up with a perfect tan. You can also use it on your body but I’ve only done it on my face so far. You can read my full review here.

Our Place Always Pan, $145

At this point we all know about my obsession with the Always Pan (and their new product, The Perfect Pot) but it truly has replaced all the other pans I used to use. For more details, you can read my full review.

Transparency note: I partnered with Our Place earlier this year.

Pillow Slippers, $19

This is a fun one… When I was pregnant, my feet would hurt if I stood up for more than 5 minutes (from the extra weight I think?) and a friend recommended these TikTok-famous pillow slide slippers. I wasn’t expecting much relief but was shocked to find that they helped immensely! I wear them around the house every day still.

Non-Toxic Teeth Whitening Strips, $38

These non-toxic teeth whitening strips are a little weird and slimy TBH but they work really well and don’t give me any sensitivity at all. I started using them while pregnant because the strips I used to use weren’t pregnancy safe but now I’m a convert. I do a set once or twice a week for maintenance.

Transparency note: I partnered with Lumineux earlier this year.

Soap Dispensers, $26

To streamline our kitchen sink look, I bought three matching soap dispensers for hand soap, dish soap, and bottle soap, plus a stone tray where they all sit in a pretty little row. It sparks joy to do dishes when the soap is prettier and it allows me to buy dish and hand soap in bulk with less plastic waste!

Weezie Towels, $40+

Everyone on the internet seemed to love Weezie towels so I gave them a try for our primary bath and instantly understood the hype. They’re soft and fluffy but also absorb water which lots of fluffy towels don’t do. I also love the monogramming and my sister bought Luca the kid towels for Christmas. We are big fans!

Apple Watch, $279

This year I finally bit the bullet and got an Apple Watch. I was hesitant because I thought it would make me feel even more connected to my devices but I found the opposite to be true. My favorite features are the fitness app and how I can see texts come in and get to them later if I need to. It helps me check my phone less.

For more details, read my Apple Watch review.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser, $94

We love our Bissell Pet Pro carpet cleaner (we clean our carpets with it monthly) but the brand sent us this small version for everyday stains which, with a big dog and small baby, happen quite often in our house. This small but mighty stain remover makes clean up so much easier.

Transparency note: this product was gifted.

Initial Necklace, $350

This summer I discovered a local jeweler, JL Rocks, that makes beautiful dainty jewelry. I bought a necklace with diamond script initials for each of my kids and haven’t taken it off since July. It’s not available online but if you aren’t local you can call or DM them and order one.

Bala Bangles, $49

A friend actually gave me her Bala Bangles because she didn’t use hers and one woman’s trash is definitely another woman’s treasure in this case. Am I now a suburban mom who walks her dog with weights on her ankles? Yup! They’re an easy way to add a little extra to low-impact workouts. This is the review that finally sold me on them.

Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker, $62

Anel bought this for me when I was pregnant because I craved ice cream 24/7 but wanted a healthier alternative. The Yonanas contraption makes frozen dessert with just fruit. He would usually mix in a little maple syrup or agave for me but that’s it. Amalia loves it too and I’m sure Luca will be a fan this summer.

Magsafe phone and watch charger, $129

Having one chic little charger for my phone and watch to charge at night without cords getting tangled is a real win in my book. It’s things like this that make life just a little bit easier.

Lemon Stripes x Chappywrap Blanekt, $135

I couldn’t not include my favorite blanket from the Lemon Stripes x Chappywrap collection. I’m so proud of this design and love seeing pictures of customers using it at home. Chappywrap blankets are the softest, coziest, prettiest blankets and my entire collection is fully back in stock on the site now.

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