My Morning Routine with Two Kids

Back in the day, my morning routine used to consist of journaling, meditating, and hot lemon water. That feels like 100 years ago. Now it’s basically a mad rush to get both kids and myself awake, dressed, and fed.

Anel leaves for work before any of us even wake up so I’m on solo parenting duty every weekday. It was one of my biggest logistical fears while I was pregnant, but we have quickly settled into a routine that is only slightly chaotic.

Don’t get me wrong, there are good mornings and bad ones. In the three hours between when I wake up and our sitter arrives at 9:30 I sometimes feel like I’ve had a full day. When both kids are cranky, things can get a little dicey. But other mornings, it runs like a well-oiled machine. And when it does, it looks like this:

My Morning Routine with Two Kids

6:30 am- Alarm goes off, time to wake up! Some days this is harder than others. But I do this so I get 30 minutes to myself. During this time I make the bed, wash my face, get dressed, and brush my teeth.

If you’re a long-time reader you know I’m kind of obsessed with oral health and my Philips Sonicare toothbrush.

The new Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige has SenseIQ technology that senses your brushing style and adapts in the moment by adjusting intensity when you’re brushing too hard. My dentist constantly tells me I brush too aggressively so this is perfect for me!

Their all-in-one brush removes up to 20x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and gives you up to 15x healthier gums in just two weeks.

After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I apply toner, vitamin C serum, SPF, and eye cream. I make the bed (always!) and get myself fully dressed so when the kids get up I’m done with all of that and feel like I’ve done something for myself.

I head downstairs to let the dog out, turn on hot water for tea, make a bottle for the baby, then prepare for chaos 🙂 If I have a few extra minutes, I’ll scroll Instagram on the couch.

7:00 am- Wake Luca up if he’s not up already. Change his diaper, give him a bottle, burp him, and put him on his play mat or in the carrier depending on his mood.

7:30 am- Make breakfast for me and Amalia, make Amalia’s lunch and snack for school and pack her backpack. For breakfast, we rotate between cereal and toast with pb&j, protein waffles with almond butter and maple syrup, eggs and toast, and paleo pancakes.

I do all this with Luca next to me on the play mat, but if he’s fussy, I put him in the carrier and do everything with him attached to me. Usually, Amalia is sleeping during this time, but if she’s up, she’ll color at the kitchen counter or play with her dolls.

8:00 am- Luca goes down for a catnap. He’s usually really tired after an hour awake in the morning so it’s an easy put-down. On unicorn mornings when Amalia is still sleeping at this time, and I have a few minutes to myself, I’ll scroll Instagram and drink my tea. #selfcare

8:15 am- Amalia wakes up or I wake her up. She lays out her outfit the night before and gets herself dressed but requires my presence in the room as she does so, obviously. Sometimes Luca is still up at this time and if he is, I just put him in the carrier and we bop around the room and watch her or they snuggle in her bed. It’s very sweet.

While she brushes her teeth (also with a Philips Sonicare Kids toothbrush), I do her hair, then we head down for breakfast.

8:30 am- Amalia and I eat breakfast together and chat. Sometimes we Facetime family members. It’s usually her calmest period of the day and I don’t take that for granted. Sometimes Luca chills quietly, sometimes he’s sleeping, and sometimes he’s a whiney mess. You never know what’s going to happen at 8:30 in the Dzafic house.

8:45 am- Off to school! I wake up Luca (which kills me but I can’t leave him alone in the house so it’s our only option) and put him in the car to bring Amalia to school. I’d put him down for a nap directly in the car seat but he’ll only sleep in it if he’s in a moving car. Figures.

Amalia loves to hold him and kiss him for a few minutes every morning before we leave for school. It’s a bright moment every day for me.

9:00 am- Luca and I make our way home and take the dog for a walk, weather permitting. He loves to walk in either the stroller or carrier.

9:30 am- We have a babysitter this summer who comes from 9:30-1 so this is when I start the work/me portion of my day…. End scene. Phew!

Thank you to Philips Sonicare for sponsoring this post. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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  1. Elizabeth said:

    Your mornings sound so organized and pleasant! I try, but it definitely does not always work out that way at our house. I also love that you don’t try to play it off like you have time to sip on hot lemon water in the mornings now that you have small children. Makes me feel better, lol! If only I could get my kids to sleep in/stay in their beds the whole night : / We are working on it (Fingers crossed). I love that gown/dress/robe in the picture! I can’t tell what it actually is but it is super cute! Where is it from? Thanks for always sharing!

    8.18.21 ·
  2. Mimi said:

    So difficult to juggle the moods and needs of a baby and a toddler and manage to find some much needed time for yourself too! What do you do when Luca is fussy when you wake him up in order to drive Amalia to school? Have you considered to have the babysitter from 8.30 so that you don’ t wake him up ?

    8.20.21 ·
    • Julia said:

      It’s definitely a challenge! We have thought about a babysitter for that time but it’s been hard to find someone who would just come for 30 minutes so we gave up on trying. When he goes to daycare in the fall, this won’t be an issue so luckily it’s a temporary problem!

      8.20.21 ·
  3. Emma said:

    Thanks for sharing! We’re right after sleep training Bob (12 months) and I’m still working on the perfect schedule. We’ve been using this guide for sleep training: and it’s pretty awesome with quick results. But you need to figure out your own timing obviously and I’m still getting there…

    8.30.21 ·