5 Random Things: September

Hello hello! I know I’ve been a little slow and sporadic with my blog posts lately but I pulled it together for my favorite post of the month. Today’s post is chock full of book, tv, and podcast recommendations as well as 5 random things I’m loving this month.

Pictured above: Vintage Bronco in the perfect shade of blue


Books –

Heart Broke by Chelsea BiekerI don’t read a lot of short stories because I really like investing in characters more long-term but this collection of 11 stories is a must-read. I’m only through 2 of them so far but really enjoy Chelsea Bieker’s writing style, and plan to add her novel, Godshot, to my reading list this fall. They way she writes is snappy, quirky, funny, and dark all at the same time. And it reads quickly.

Devil in the White City by Erik LarsonWhen I saw that Hulu was adapting this book into a mini-series, I figured it was time to see what all the fuss was all about. I didn’t realize when I started it that it is non-fiction which usually isn’t my jam. But it reads like a novel with lots of drama and (dark) entertainment. I also learned a ton about the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and can’t believe that I never knew more about it before this. 10/10 recommend even though it takes a while to really get into it. Parts can be dry but it’s worth it to push through them!

TV Shows –

House of the Dragon (HBO): If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and haven’t started House of the Dragon, you are missing out! I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to GoT but it does. In a big way. Anel and I are super invested and find it hard to wait a week between episodes. In case you live under a rock,

The Handmaid’s Tale S5 (Hulu): I am a Handmaid superfan and the beginning of season 5 is fire…. as the kids say these days. It begins right where S4 left off and the first two episodes seem to be setting us up for a war between Serena and June.

Chef’s Table: Pizza (Netflix): Anel and I love Chef’s Table and have watched every season. If you haven’t seen it, each episode documents a chef’s story and style of cooking. It is beautifully shot and will make you starving and want to eat at all the best restaurants in the world. The newest season focuses only on pizza chefs and if you can finish an ep without wanting a pie, there’s something seriously wrong!

The Patient (Hulu): This is next on our list after a few friends have recommended it. I can’t wait to start, it looks like the perfect thriller.


Your Own Backyard: A friend recommended this true-crime podcast to me and I can’t get enough. The host/producer, Chris, does a beautiful job of telling the story of the victim and honoring her family while doing a great job with research and reporting on the case of Kristin Smart, a Cal-Poly student who disappeared in 1996. I find myself walking Boots more than once a day just as an excuse to listen to it again.


1. Naghedi St. Barth’s Tote (in Medium): I originally bought this tote for fall in the large size after seeing it on a few friends who recommended it. The large was way too big so I exchanged it for the medium which I realized is what they have. It’s made from neoprene and is super durable and big enough to fit a laptop and water bottle, my two requirements. It’s on sale as part of the the Shopbop sale now!

2. Sink drain snake (clog remover)Another weird Anel-find but bare with me. My sink drain gets clogged a few times/year and this tiny snake is easy enough for me to use to unclog it myself without using chemicals like Drain-O. It’s truly disgusting sometimes but oddly satisfying.

3. Veja Rio Branco SneakersI have a thing for Veja sneakers and these with the sky blue logo just sang my name. I wore them all day both days last weekend and they were as comfortable as every Veja there is. A solid addition to my collection.

4. Weezie Towels Robe: I’ve included their bath towels, hair towel, and kids towels on these lists before but they recently sent me one of their plush robes and it is just heaven. It takes my at-home spa nights to the next level and feels like wearing a hug. I got mine with French Blue trim and the “Jones” monogram style.  You can shop all of my Weezie favorites on this page with a discount code. Nothing beats them, and we’ve replaced all of our towels in the house with Weezie. #superfans.

5. Magic Spoon Cereal: We are back on the Magic Spoon train which gets both of my kids to eat a good amount of protein in the morning when we’re in a rush and don’t have time to make eggs. We took a little break from it because Amalia got sick of it but now they’re obsessed and it makes mornings so much less stressful for me!

Photo by Julia Dags.