5 Random Things: May

Things have been moving a mile a minute over here! Between book tour events, end-of-the-school-year events, travel, and a very exciting upcoming project I’m working on, I feel like I haven’t had 5 minutes to catch a breath. It’s kind of wild how you can feel burned out even when everything is positive and fun. Turns out you can have too much of a good thing!

I learned the hard way this month just how important breaks are even when you don’t want to take them. My body basically completely shut down last week which was a little frightening (more on that another time), but I am slowly starting to feel normal again.

Enjoy some of the things that have been sparking joy for me this month!

Pictured above: Old Dress (Similar here) / Necklace


Reading –

The Sicilian Inheritance by Jo Piazza: I just started this one for book club and so far it’s giving great summer read vibes. The story goes back and forth between Sara (in current times) who has a failing business and marriage in the states, and her great grandmother, Serafina, a strong-willed Italian woman in the early 1900s. There is a murder mystery aspect and a lot of great visuals of the Italian countryside. So far loving it!

Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll: I loved Luckiest Girl Alive by the same author so was excited to dig into this one about a sorority house that gets attacked by a serial killer but I just couldn’t get into it. And gave up halfway through. If you read and loved it, feel free to try and convince me to finish it because I really wanted to like it!

Watching –

Hacks, S3 (HBO Max): Hacks is one of my favorite comedy shows maybe ever and season 3 is the best yet, in my opinion. If you haven’t already watched seasons 1 and 2 of this gem, jump on it immediately. It’s about an aging, but still hilarious comedienne, Debra Vance (played brilliantly by Jean Smart) who gets assigned a fresh-faced young writer to help her with new content. Their banter is next level good, the dry humor is perfection, and I can guarantee a laugh out loud multiple times per episode.

Palm Royale (Apple+): I came for the fashion and stayed for the camp of it all. Kristin Wiig shined as a social climber looking to secure her spot in Palm Beach society. She and the rest of the star-studded cast will make you laugh, cry, and cringe. And prepare to be pleasantly surprised by Ricky Martin’s acting abilities. After finishing this show I now want to throw a Palm Royale-themed birthday party this summer.

Baby Reindeer (Netflix): After this show and the story behind it went viral, I knew I had to give it a watch. The plot is based on the true story of a struggling stand-up comedian (I’m sensing a theme here) who actually wrote and stars in the show. He’s kind to a woman who walks into the bar where he works and she ends up stalking him to the point where it completely uproots and ruins his life. It’s dark and creepy. And needs a stalking and sexual abuse trigger warning. But it was really well done!


1. A Perfect Black DressI bought this dress in black for our upcoming trip and ended up wearing it to a book signing and getting so many compliments. It’s only available now in that long version in a few sizes, but the shorter version is also lovely and I am ordering one more in that length in coral.

2. Pill OrganizerI recently started seeing a Naturopath who has me taking approximately 800 supplements/day (more on that at some point). I needed something to organize my pills into morning and evening and a case where I could take one day of pills out without toting the whole thing with me. And I found it. On Amazon. For less than $20. You’re welcome!

3. The PJ Pants I Won’t Take OffMy daughter literally asked me if I plan to wear any other pjs anytime soon. And the answer is absolutely not. These wide-leg super soft cotton pants are what my cozy dreams are made of.

4. Kitchen Shears: Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can just make your day so much better. I somehow end up using kitchen shears multiple times/day and when ours broke a few weeks ago, I bought a new pair that is so nice and sharp and gives a really clean cut. Again, small, simple, sparks of joy. Material Kitchen makes a lot of my favorite functional kitchen accessories (like the best veggie peeler literally ever), so I generally check there first when I need something kitchen-related.

5. Denim DressI know this list has two dresses but they really are both worth mentioning, and are so different from each other. I wore this one the first time I saw my book in a bookstore and got so many requests for the link that it has become far and away my best seller this month! It’s a great breezy fit for summer and can easily be dressed both up and down. I LOVE this dress.