5 Random Things: July

July is a big month in our house with my birthday and Amalia’s. This year it’s busier than ever as I’m scrambling to finish the content of my book and also all of the photoshoots. We have one tomorrow and then only two more left which is very exciting. I think I’ll finally be able to take a minute to breathe when those are done.

It has also been a very emotional month with the death of a family member. I’m still processing that, but it’s been weighing heavily on my heart for the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been thinking a lot this month about how even though we aren’t traveling much as a family this summer (hell no I’m not putting my wild two-year-old on a plane to Europe!), my kids will still have core memories from their time at the beach, with friends, and running around in the backyard with the chickens and a sprinkler. We have plenty of years ahead for travel, and I’ve learned to be ok with staying put for a while.

Pictured above: Swimsuit (Long torso version) / Sarong (size down) / Rainbow Necklace (best seller this month!)


Books –

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld: I saw this book everywhere (including Reese’s Book Club) and people were seemingly loving, so I was excited to give it a try. It wasn’t my favorite book of 2023… It was cute and a sweet, well, romantic comedy, about a female writer at The Night Owls (TNO), a fictional version of SNL, who ends up falling for a famous singer/song-writer. While they have some witty banter and a cute love story, it just fell a little short for me. That said, it would make for a good and light beach read.

Stolen Focus by Johann Hari: On a very different note, I read this non-fiction book about how, as a human race, we’re losing our ability to pay attention to things for long periods of time. I really believe that everyone needs to read this book because it is pretty terrifying how the average teenager can only focus on one task for 65 seconds at a time. And the average office worker isn’t much better at 3 minutes. What the author learns on his journey for answers about this is that it’s not just about us as individuals being on our devices too much, it’s much deeper rooted than that. I cannot recommend this book enough. I might actually write a full blog post on it… if I can manage to focus for that long 🙂

TV Shows –

The Bear  S2 (Hulu): There are no words for how obsessed I am with this show except for two: 1. Yes, and 2. Chef. The chaos, the drama, the food, all of it. Give me a million seasons for The Bear and I’ll stan Carmie for life. Guaranteed my mom is going to email me asking what that last sentence means.

RHOC (Bravo): The Real Housewives of Orange County is falling flat for me again this season, even with the addition of Tamra returning to her rightful spot on the show. I almost (almost) want to stop watching it. Which would be a shame because I’ve invested over a decade of my life to these ladies.

Podcasts –

Scamanda: I am still reeling from this podcast about Amanda, a woman who faked having Cancer for years to get sympathy, support, followers on her blog, and monetary donations from friends, colleagues, and strangers, for her “treatments” to the tune of over $100,000. The storytelling drags on a bit, but it’s so worth it to finish the entire series. The story is weird and wild and unbelievable.


1. Big Buckle Birkenstocks: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but these big buckle Birks are a great purchase. Obviously so comfy but also very in style right now. I wear mine almost every day. You can find them on sale in white here.

2. Lightweight Sunglasses: My nose is still super sensitive since my surgery so I need lightweight sunglasses that don’t press down too hard on the bridge of my nose. I discovered that Le Specs makes really lightweight and super affordable sunnies and I’ve been living in this pair all summer.

3. Bed Head Hair Wax Stick: Not to be another suburban mom complaining about the heat, but this heat, amiright? I’ve been wearing my hair up almost every day because otherwise it just sticks to my neck within a matter of minutes. I love the slick-backed Kardashian look and this hair stick gives me just that. Think glue stick but for your hair. It gets rid of all flyaways and makes it really sleek and chic in a ponytail or bun.

4. Striped Cardigan: Even though we are currently living in the third circle of hell in terms of heat and humidity, I am very excited to have added this gorgeous cardigan to my wardrobe. I assume one day it will be cool enough to wear it? It is too cute over a pair of shorts and can be worn almost as a blazer when unbuttoned. The fabric is really thick and substantial and I love the gold buttons.

5. Gold Heart Pendant: I’ve put this oversized heart necklace on one of these lists before but it’s worth a repeat as I’ve been wearing it so regularly since I got it last Christmas. It makes such a pretty statement and whenever I wear it, a million people (online and IRL) ask me where it’s from. It elevates every outfit!