5 Random Things: October

We’re officially in holiday prep mode over here as I work on my gift guides and holiday content. It’s been a bit of an emotional month in our house with both kids going through some major transitions. But I’m really proud of Anel and I and how we’ve handled some home struggles as a team, talking it out every night, and not losing our cool (very often).

I shared on Instagram on Monday that I cancelled plans with friends last minute because of my anxiety and received hundreds of messages from you guys asking what I say to people in that situation. I shared later that in the last year or two I’ve really learned to be honest about what I’m feeling with the people that I love and when I do that, they always understand. If I can’t make it because of my mental health, they get it. And I’m able to regroup and be a better friend the next time we hang out.

Being able to share the truth instead of making up an excuse to cancel on plans has been somewhat of a game-changer for me and I hope it helps you too!

Pictured above: Staud Dress (I can’t find it online anywhere in burgundy anymore)


Book –

Ask Again Yes by Mary Beth KeaneI have just started texting my friend, a book editor, once a month asking for my next ficiton rec. She always delivers and did yet again with this NY Times Bestseller that was named one of the best books of the year by Vogue, NPR, Elle, and People! The writing and characters remind me a little of Ann Patchett who, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know is my favorite author.

The story starts by following two rookie NYPD cops who are also next door neighbors in upstate New York suburbs. It spans a timeline of 30 years and ends up focusing on their children who become friends… and more. Their families become entwined in all kinds of ways and if you love a family drama, you will love this book. It’s addictive and beautiful and feels very real. I am almost done and cannot put it down. It’s one of those books that I stay up way too late reading every night. A+ from me!

TV Shows –

The Patient (Hulu): We are all caught up and it is definitely weird and very creepy but I cannot look away. Steve Carrell plays a therapist who is kidnapped by his serial killer patient (early in the first episode) in hopes that he can “fix” him and his absolutely bonkers sociopathy. It’s dark and twisted and right up my alley. If you’re into a touch of murder, check it out.

Tell me Lies (Hulu): I read and liked the book but have to admit that the show is even better. It is steamy, however. So be prepared for that. Definitely a NSFW situation 😉

The Luckiest Girl in the World (Netflix): I also read this book and really liked it. The movie, I thought, was just ok and should definitely come with a giant trigger warning (school shooting and rape) but I’m glad I watched it

Still watching… House of the Dragon (HBO): It keeps getting better and better! Love me some Targaryen incest. And if you don’t watch, that probably sounds a lot creepier than it is.

Podcast –

I don’t have a new podcast here but if you’re a Your Own Backyard listener, you will be very excited to know that Paul Flores was finally found guilty of first degree murder of Kristin Smart yesterday. I was updating my phone every 30 seconds to get an update. It feels good to know that her family has some sort of relief now.


1. Oversized black sweatshirtI left my favorite black sweatshirt on an airplane last spring and have been on the hunt for a perfect replacement ever since. I’m happy to report that I have finally found it in this oversized, super soft, super cozy sweatshirt that is nice enough to wear with a pair of jeans or lounge in with joggers at home.

2. Flannel sheetsOne of my favorite parts of fall/winter is swapping out my cotton summer bedding for flannel. There is nothing cozier than getting into a soft, pillowy, flannel bed. These aren’t new to us but they’re worth a mention because I just pulled them out for the season.

3. Vuori joggersI am a jogger whore, what can I say. I mentioned these in Life Lately a few weeks back but they earned a spot on this list because I ended up buying a third pair and have worn them pretty much every day since. My original review: A Vuori store recently opened in town and I went in to check it out because Anel loves their joggers. I tried on a pair of their performance joggers and immediately bought them in two colors (charcoal heather and umber heather). They’re a slim fit but relaxed, so soft, comfy, and look cute with a pair of sneaks.

4. Fleece pulloverApparently this month’s list is just loungewear and bedding? But I can’t not include this fleece. I bought it in Martha’s Vineyard and panicked for a minute about the price but now that it’s chilly out, I’m so so happy that I ended up taking it home. It’s so cute and so much more elevated than any other sweatshirt. FYI it runs TTS and I have the size 1.

5. Shearling-lined BirkenstocksI can’t actually believe that I own and love these since I would have made fun of my mom relentlessly for wearing them when I was younger. But they are truly the greatest thing to slip on for the bus stop or school drop-off. Or if you’re going anywhere in a rush. I think of them as my winter flip flops! I also love these. They’re ridiculous and I don’t even care.