My Family’s Favorite Wellness Gadgets

When I started decluttering earlier this year, I realized just how many wellness gadgets we have. Anel uses a lot of them for work and I am lucky to reap the benefits. In my organizing phase of decluttering, I moved most of them (not the face ones) into a basket in our family room now so they aren’t floating around the house. When I saw them all together, I realized what weirdos we really are and thought it would be fun to do a review of each.

Shoulder Massager, $49: Anel bought me this heated shoulder massager when I was pregnant with Luca because my shoulders and neck were always so tight. It is now my best friend and I cannot imagine life without it. It is the best $50 you’ll spend this year and also makes a fantastic gift for anyone you know who holds stress up top like yours truly. You can adjust the intensity of the massage pressure by putting your hands through the straps. It’s also very easy to move around so I often use it all over my back, not just on my shoulders.

Hyperice Hypervolt: $299: This is the GOAT of all gadgets IMO. Anel does full 30-minute sessions with the Hypervolt with his clients and they love it. He bought a second one for the house a few years ago and we use it constantly. It’s similar to the Therabody Theragun (same price) but Anel swears it’s a better version. It is basically a vibrating hammer that you can use on sore or tight muscles. I’m also very lucky that he knows how to use it better than most people and can help me in a pinch when my lower back starts to tighten up.

Acupressure Mat: $29: A follower actually recommended this to me the last time I threw my back out and I have tried to use it every night before bed since. I didn’t think it would help much but it really does! It gives me immediate pain relief as well as a calming sensation after I lay on it.

So what is an acupressure mat? It is a pad that you lay on with little plastic spikes that apply pressure to specific points on your body. It promotes blood flow and diffuses your “chi” (energy) that way.

Fun facts (found here): Researchers tested (acupressure mats) in a very small study. People who laid on an acupressure mat for 15 minutes a day reported an improved sense of well-being, more energy, better sleep, and less pain. Larger scale studies also found that acupressure mats may help with mild to moderate depression symptoms.

Don’t take my word for it! Read more about the benefits of acupressure mats. And if you want one that looks and feels a little nicer, this one is great.

Hypersphere, $149: Similar to the Hypervolt, the Hypersphere is a vibrating tool that targets a specific area of your back, shoulders or legs. It’s easy to use yourself and you can put it between your back and your chair while you’re working or watching TV.

Neck & Shoulder Relaxer, $19: This little gizmo definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. Luca weighs seemingly one million pounds so my neck and left shoulder are always at least a little sore. I try to lay on this thing for 10 minutes every night (usually with the acupressure mat on my back) and it gives my neck a great stretch. It’s especially helpful if you’re hunched over a computer or phone all day.

HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Mat, $599: Anel had a client who didn’t want hers anymore, and let me tell you this was a great second hand gift. We keep it on our family room couch and use it every single day when it’s cold. The kids love sitting on it too for movie nights. It’s basically a heating pad but with the added benefits of infrared like easing chronic pain and recovering from tough workouts. It’s also been proven to reduce stress and increase energy.

Infrared Mask, $395: According to Everyday Health, LED light masks are used to help stimulate collagen production and kill the bacteria that cause acne breakouts, though they don’t replace your regular skin-care routine.

After four to six weeks of daily use, you can expect to see minimized redness, pigmentation and fine lines and winkles. Your skin is left looking younger and healthier. I’ve been using this since I got it for my birthday last July and definitely see a major glow.

If you’re interested in a LED face mask, this list of the best ones this year is a great place to start. It also goes over all of the benefits and the science behind it. I have the Omnilux Contour Face  and I’m sure they’re all similar in quality but every list I read says the Dennis Gross mask is the best overall. Pricey, but effective. I also just saw that HigherDOSE makes one for $299 and it has great reviews.

Solawave LED Wand, $149: Basically a more affordable version of the mask, the Solawave is smaller, more affordable, easier to travel with, and just as effective. Read my full Solawave review.

Oura Ring, $299: I love my Oura ring but only wear it at night so I’m really only getting half of the benefits. The ring tracks your sleep, activity, and recovery. I love figuring out what helps me sleep better or worse. For example, eating late and alcohol completely tank my sleep score whereas taking magnesium before bed ups my REM sleep.  Read my full Oura Ring review which includes sizing information and so much more.

Cloud Massage Foot Massager, $229: I once wrote that Anel and I are in a throuple with this foot massager. Since he got the compression boots (below), we’ve been using it less but it’s definitely a fun party trick when people come over and feels so so so good for any foot pain. You can use it while watching TV, reading a book, or even while you work under your desk.

Hyperice Normatec Leg Compression Boots, $799: Ok the price on these are insane, I realize. Anel bought them for work and often brings them home for us to use. Since I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago, I’ve tried to use them whenever I can and notice a giant difference in both swelling and pain when I wake up in the morning after I’ve used them. They look like giant space boots and they compress and massage your feet, ankles, and legs. The first time you do it, it is a weird feeling but you quickly get used to it. This $88 version has 15,000 mostly great reviews on Amazon and may be worth a try as well.


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