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One of the blog posts that you guys asked me for over on Snapchat is a food diary. Almost every week in my Monday Q&A, someone asks me to share a food diary so I figured this was a good time to start! I finally spent three days a few weeks ago writing down every single thing that I ate to share with you. I was completely honest and documented exactly what I ate so no fibbing!

That being said, I also kept it a little cleaner than usual because I knew that I’d be sharing this all publicly. Whenever I’ve done food diaries in the past, even if just for me, I clean up my act, knowing that I’ll have to see in writing what I ate. For people who are Type A like me, it’s not a bad way to stay on track… As long as you don’t get too obsessive about it.

I tried to include links to the exact products and recipes that I ate, but let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear your feedback as well on whether or not you like this type of post! I might do a month-long version about my fitness routine if this resonates.

Day 1: Tuesday

Morning Tea (7:30am)- Green tea. Boots is going in to get surgery today so I’m too nervous to eat before I drop him off at 8:00.

Breakfast (9:00am)- The Clean Green Protein smoothie from Juice Press. I’m about to head to work out with Madison (she works for my husband at Countdown) so I know I need some fuel in the form of protein or I’ll pass out… the workout is no joke!

Snack (10:30am)- Handful of tamari almonds. So hungry after an intense workout so I eat a handful of one of my all time favorite snacks. I buy them in bulk at Whole Foods.

Lunch (12:00pm)- Asian chicken salad from Whole Foods. Not too exciting but it does the job and I actually love this salad more than I should. I get it at the salad bar there.

12:30pm- Small handful of dark chocolate chips (these are the best, trust me) and a spoonful of peanut butter. I’m a firm believer in lunch dessert if it’s clean and simple.

Snack (3:00pm)- Gluten free crackers (I like these) and my favorite ever mango sriracha hummus. I honestly don’t know how people go from lunch to dinner without a snack. And for those of you who say “I forgot to eat lunch!”, you’re an alien as far as I’m concerned. Also, I’m a hummus addict.

Dinner (7:30pm)- Sweet potato noodle salad (recipe here), miso glazed salmon (I simply baked wild caught salmon with white miso spread on top and it’s incredible), cucumber salad. This dinner was great! I put in a little extra effort because I knew I was going to be sharing it with you.

8:00pm- A bowl of blueberries and cut up red plums

Night Tea (9:00pm)- Chamomile tea

Day 2: Wednesday

Breakfast (7:30am)- Green tea and gluten free bread (I’ve tried a lot of varieties and this one is my go-to) with grass fed butter, mashed avocado, a hard boiled egg, and hot sauce.

Snack (10:00am)- Green juice

Lunch (12:00pm)- Leftover salmon and sweet potato noodles. I’m a big leftover eater. I always make extra of dinner so Anel and I can have healthy lunches without having to go out and spend $15 on a salad or whatever.

12:30pm- I’m feeling slightly under the weather so I drink a juice made with orange, ginger, cayenne, and oil of oregano in place of my usual lunch dessert.

Snack (5:00pm)- Gluten free crackers with hummus and a grapefruit La Croix. I told you I’m an addict!

Dinner (8:00pm)- Vegan kale caesar with baked herbed chicken breasts. Anel gets home from work around this time so we eat late on most weeknights which I don’t love or recommend.

8:30pm- Two squares of dark chocolate.

Night Tea (9:30pm)- Chamomile tea

Day 3: Thursday

8:30am- Spinach and egg scramble with hot sauce, gluten free toast, and iced green tea. I got a late start this morning!

10:00am- Gingerade Kombucha to boost immunity. Still feeling a little sniffle.

Lunch (12pm)- Leftover chicken with a vegan caesar salad and an apricot La Croix. I put leftover dressing from last night on romaine lettuce with tomatoes, and avocado.  Yum!

12:30pm- Spoonful of peanut butter with dark chocolate chips. It’s just too good…

Snack (3:30pm)- 1 cup of grass-fed beef bone broth and a handful of blueberries. I usually order my broth this company and love it. It’s pricey but worth it in my opinion.

Dinner (7:00pm)- BBQ chicken, grilled corn, mushrooms and onions, and salad. We went to our friends’ house for dinner and luckily they cooked us a delicious and healthy meal!

Obviously this was three weekdays and I indulge/drink more on the weekends so I’m thinking for my next go-round I’ll share a Friday-Sunday food diary. Is that something you would want to see?

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  1. Julie said:

    Hi Julia, I enjoyed reading about your food diary. Like you, I absolutely love hummus and I have even started doing my own (it’s so easy). I also believe in healthy snacks. I am quite good in the morning as I love my breakfast and take a hearty one but in the afternoon it’s too hard to wait until diner and rather than nibble all afternoon I will try as much as possible to go for a good mid arvo snack (banana, apple rice crackers or almonds and dry apricots) but it’s hard to always stick to that routine. As a mum of 3 little ones there are so many temptations in my cupboard plus I often end up helping them with their diner/ finish a couple of plates (as I hate throwing food. Your miso glazed salmon sounds delicious, I will look how to prepare it. It’s making me salivating right now;) Julie xx

    9.8.16 · Reply
  2. Hi Julia! Thanks so much for sharing my sweet potato salad. Love your blog!

    9.8.16 · Reply
  3. LOL about people who “forget to eat lunch” I’m so with you on them being aliens! I would love a weekend diary, I love getting ideas and seeing what people are eating.

    9.8.16 · Reply
  4. CelebratingthisLife said:

    This diary showed me where I am going wrong, it’s the in between snacks that I need! I’m always starving and I’ll do anything to stop that hungry feeling. I have a juice in the morning for my breakfast but I’ve always felt it wasn’t enough. I think I should make a real breakfast and have my juice as a mid morning snack! Thanks for sharing Julia! xx Rox-Anne,

    9.8.16 · Reply
  5. this all sounds so yummy + so healthy! i need to start bringing healthy snacks to work, so thank you for the inspiration!

    9.8.16 · Reply
  6. Morgan Roberts said:

    LOVED this post! I would love to see a weekend diary. What is the purpose of drinking the bone broth? I have never heard of this before.

    9.8.16 · Reply
  7. Taylor said:

    Yes!!!! Love love love this and would love to see a weekend diary too!

    9.8.16 · Reply
  8. Christine said:

    I’m an RD so I guess it’s not surprising that I enjoy a good food diary post! I’d love to see a weekend post.

    9.8.16 · Reply
    • Monica said:


      Also, as an RD I gravitate towards food posts 😉

      9.9.16 · Reply
  9. Anna Stroud said:

    I’d love to see a weekend post! As a young teacher on the go making lots of food for just me is tough. I’ve been throwing a LOT more fruit and veggies in my bag lately and try to stick to things lower in points (I’m a big fan of Weight Watchers-I’ve lost 8 pounds since the middle of July). I haven’t read a ton of your posts so far, but how important is clean eating to you? I worked at a vegan, cold-pressed juice bar, but as a second year teacher on my own now I just can’t afford that stuff…any recs? Should I juice at home? Order things? Andddd okay last question: if I was to order 1 to 3 products online or go to a specialty store to buy them what items are most important in your opinion to be “clean”?

    9.12.16 · Reply
    • Congrats on the WW win! So glad that it’s working for you. Clean eating is a huge part of my life but I agree that it can get pricey. I’ve found that juicing at home doesn’t end up being much cheaper and it’s a lot of work. I’d suggest just moving to 1-2 juices/week. I don’t think that you need them every day, especially in colder months. As far as 1-3 products, it depends what you mean! I’d say food-based vitamins (not synthetic) are the most important for your overall health so would start there!

      9.13.16 · Reply
      • Anna Stroud said:

        Thanks for the encouragement Julia! I want to do 1-2 a week and that was my plan when I moved but I haven’t found a good raw vegan juicer nearby:( Can I order from online anywhere? I’ll look into some vitamins. Thanks!!

        9.13.16 · Reply
        • You can order from Paleta, Blue Print, and even Suja via Target online. Just try to find ones with the lowest sugar count!

          9.14.16 · Reply
          • Anna Stroud said:

            Awesome!! Thank you!

            9.15.16 ·
  10. Tabitha said:

    I’m interested in a weekend post!

    9.13.16 · Reply