The Best Zero-Proof Spirits

My little experiment in sobriety has become more of a lifestyle and no one is more shocked than I am. Since I started writing about this journey, I’ve had countless recommendations for zero-proof spirits, wine, and beer.  I decided to test out some of the most popular choices (starting with spirits only) and make a list of my favorites for you guys.

I often get asked why not just drink a club soda and call it a day? There is something about pouring something fancy into a fancy glass with ice and a garnish that replaces the drink I used to have. The ritual of it is half of what I loved about having a drink. It’s something to get excited for after a long day or if I’m out to dinner.

Until I stopped drinking, I never really understood the mocktail thing but now I’m all about it. And apparently many millennials agree.

I will share more posts and “recipes” for the mocktails I make at home and order out (half seltzer half ginger ale with lime is my go-to) in the coming weeks but let’s start with my favorite non-alcoholic spirits.

I didn’t include any faux wine/beers on this list because I haven’t tried enough yet but if/when that happens I’ll share those as well.

Aplos: My favorite CBD drink brand now has two varieties: Calme and Arise that do just what they promise. If you’re out at a party and want to be energized, I recommend Arise (made with adaptogens). If you’re home and want to wind down for the evening or if you’re feeling stressed, go with Calme (made with hemp/cbd). I love the botanical, crisp, clean taste of it mixed with seltzer.

Aplos is what I reach for generally to replace a “stress drink” because it actually helps calm me down in addition to the ritual of it all.

Seedlip Garden 108: Ok this stuff is amazing! It’s herbacious, botanical, and refreshing. I generally mix it with some Aplos, lime seltzer, and a drop of simple syrup at home. I also see it out at a lot of bars and restaurants which is nice.

Phony Negroni: This is by far the number one more recommended mocktail by friends and followers alike. I finally got to try it this week and OMG I see why! It somehow tastes like an actual negroni but without the alcohol. It makes no sense but I just ordered a case.

Ceder’s Non Alcoholic Spirits: A friend gave me a bottle of Ceder’s Crisp for Christmas and it has quickly become a favorite in my mocktail rotation. Ceder’s blends classic gin botanicals (like juniper) with exotic flavors for a delightfully refreshing, crisp flavor. I like to mix it with tonic for a classic G&T feel. So yummy!

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila: I have now tried three non-alcoholic tequilas and Ritual is far and away the best one. Lots of people recommended Clean Co which is also good but has kind of like a fake, manufactured taste that I don’t love (and spice!). Ritual has a really nice smokey flavor and I just use it in place of tequila in a margarita mocktail.

Curious Elixers: These pre-bottled craft mocktails infused with adaptogens to help you unwind would make a super cute gift for a sober pal or family member. I tried No 2 at a party, inspired by a dark and stormy, and it was delish. I ordered a case of all four flavors to check them out but highly recommend No. 2 in the meantime.

Lyre’s Italian Spritz: I haven’t tried this yet but ordered a bottle to try because so many people and so many lists of best zero-proof spirits have it. Plus I’m a sucker for beautiful branding…

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