Weekly Shopping List

Whole Foods Shopping List

A few weeks ago I started sharing my weekly Whole Foods Market hauls on Instastories, and it’s become my most requested piece of content on social… ever! After many requests for a full blog post, I’m finally sharing my weekly shopping list, some favorite products, and tricks of the trade that I’ve learned along the way. As I was planning this post, grocery shopping in my neck of the woods got a whole lot easier when Whole Foods Market teamed up with Instacart to create the most convenient shopping experience ever! Read on to get $10 off your first order.


I always keep the following items stocked up and usually have extras because I use them so often: Peanut butter and almond butter, garlic, yellow onions, gluten free crackers, almond milk, coconut water, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, Collagen Peptides, frozen berries for smoothies, chia seeds, salted cashews and almonds, apples, hummus, Parmesan cheese, baby carrots, baby spinach (for salads, smoothies, omelettes, etc), eggs, coffee for Anel, Jasmine tea for me, and, of course, lots of La Croix!

With all of those products, I buy organic when possible.

Meal Planning

After I make sure my staples are covered, I add in products that I need for the meals I have planned for the week. On Sundays, I sit down and plan out dinners plans to carry them into leftovers for lunch the next day (read my food diary here). This will include any produce, spices, meats/fish, and whatever else I need to create those meals.


I’ll always get extra greens (kale, rainbow chard, and romaine) for salads. I try to make a salad with every lunch and dinner to get in all those healthy raw nutrients. We also always keep fresh berries and apples on hand for when we’re craving something sweet.


You can read about 15 of my favorite healthy snacks here. Now that I’m pregnant, keeping healthy snacks on hand is more important than ever, and it will only be more so once my daughter is of snacking age!


When we lived in the city, we used to do smaller, more frequent trips to the grocery store because it was convenient on the way home from work and it was hard to schlep a huge amount of bags down the street. Now that I live in the ‘burbs and have a car, we make a Whole Foods Market run to Darien once a week, usually on Sundays or Mondays.

I keep a running list of groceries on my phone at all times so if I run out of something, I just add it to that list. That way I won’t forget when I get to the store! I divide the list out by category: Produce, meat/fish, aisles, and frozen. That way, it’s easy to shop once there.

Luckily, Whole Foods Market recently teamed up with Instacart so that I don’t have to do any of the actual physical shopping. This has become a life saver for extra busy weeks, and once the baby comes, I have a feeling I’ll use this service weekly!

So how does it work? Sign up here, and do your shopping online. You can specify brands, amounts, and everything. Someone does the shopping for you, and all you have to do is pick it up….some areas (including NYC and parts of NJ) even deliver. Last week I literally ran in and out in under two minutes. Talk about a game changer… Even better? Starting May 4th, Whole Foods Market and Instacart will be expanding to offer full delivery from their five Fairfield County stores. Yay for me and all you locals!

For $10 off and free delivery on your first order, use code WFMLEMONSTRIPES at delivery.wholefoodsmarkets.com or instacart.com (for orders of $35 or more). Offer valid until 5/19/2017 at 11:59pm PT. And be sure to check out Whole Foods Market on Instagram

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Whole Foods Market. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Whole Foods Market. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Taylor Cannon said:

    Thanks for sharing! Whole Foods is my go to for grocery shopping too. Meal planning makes thing so much easier throughout the week 🙂
    Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com

    4.19.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Totally! It’s a life saver 🙂

      4.19.17 · Reply
  2. Bee said:

    Love this! Super helpful as I’m still figuring out my best grocery strategies. I have a habit of meal planning but when I make the food, I get tired of it really quickly. I like the idea of having certain staples always on hand to be able to make something in a pinch.

    Briana | youngsophisticate.com

    4.19.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Yes! And batch cooking brown rice/quinoa on Sunday nights helps a lot too. Try that!

      4.19.17 · Reply
  3. Melissa said:

    This is such a great service, will have to see if they deliver to my neck of the woods in NJ.

    4.19.17 · Reply
  4. Morgan Roberts said:

    Just went to whole foods with your post in hand!!! I tried the food that is pictured but I would love a written post on exactly what products you buy like the posts you do on Insta stories! That would be amazing!!! Thanks for this post ❤️

    4.19.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      OMG yay! So happy to hear that. Will definitely do that post as well. So many people are asking for it.

      4.21.17 · Reply
  5. Caroline Nelson said:

    Hi Julia! Unfortunately this isn’t available in my area- what a WONDERFUL concept though!

    I was hoping you could do a similar post that highlights specific brands and products that you use.. I have found my pasture raised alfresco eggs, Kite Hill ‘cream cheese’, Kite Hill yogurt, and Califia Farms Almond milk through you… and would love see more! You’ve really helped me combat my dairy addiction through your instagram stories regarding your grocery hauls! Thank you, as always!!

    4.20.17 · Reply
    • Julia Dzafic said:

      Isn’t it great!? So excited to be able to have delivery once the baby is born too.

      Great idea! Do you want it to be more dairy-free based or just general?

      4.21.17 · Reply