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I recently read that women put an average of 168 chemicals on their body every day. Every day! That number was eye-opening and disturbing to me. As someone who values living a clean lifestyle, I probably use less than half of the chemicals that the average woman, but even that is aggressive. To help more people go the natural route, I thought I’d share some of the natural products that I use every single day and can’t live without.

That being said, there are certain things that I use that are not natural or organic. “When to go natural” is a constant battle for me, but this is where I stand as of today:

When I Go Natural:

Face Wash– I have very oily skin so Desert Essence tea tree oil face wash has been my go-to for almost 10 years. I use it with a Clarisonic to keep my skin clear and glowing

Toner– To get that uber-clean feeling after I wash my face, I always follow up with SW Basics toner, a product made with only five ingredients. It gives me a tingly clean and keeps my acne-prone face clear as can be.

Lip Balm– I use lip balm probably 10-20 times/day (I may or may not be an addict). I turn to SW Basics again for their organic lip balm. My favorite flavor is peppermint.

Eye Cream– I have tried every expensive eye cream out there and Dr. Hauschka’s Daily Hydrating Formula is by far my favorite.  It goes on light and smooth and hydrates without getting too thick or clumpy. It’s easy to wear on under make up as well.

Face Mask- I religiously use a face mask every Sunday night. Because my skin is oily, I have to be careful about using masks that are too hydrating. My favorite is made by Tata Harper. Their Resurfacing Mask is light and smells amazing, giving me a natural glow.

Hand Soap– This might sound silly but I like the hand soap in my kitchen and bathrooms to look as nice as it smells. When Method changed the game with it’s beautiful packaging and clean ingredients, I became hooked! I am always changing my favorite scent but I’m currently on a lavender kick.

Body Wash– I made the switch from regular old body wash to Dr. Bronner’s pure castile soap (in almond) made from just water and natural oils, about five years ago and have never looked back. It makes my skin soft and smooth without ever drying it out.

Laundry Detergent– Every single day you wear clothes that are washed in some sort of laundry detergent. Even though you don’t see this product every day, it’s seeping into your skin on a daily basis. I use Mrs. Meyers detergent in Geranium because it smells amazing.

Dryer Sheets–  I was always freaked out by dryer sheets because of chemicals like Ethyl Acetate (which is apparently on the EPA’s hazardous waste list) and Camphor. Then I accidentally discovered The Honest Company’s plant-based dryer cloths and everything changed. They make my clothes soft and fluffy without any of the crap that comes in regular dryer sheets!

Dish Soap– I hand wash dishes with Mrs. Meyers dish soap and use dishwashing pods in my dish washer, both in lemon verbena.

Hand Cream– Every night before bed I slather on hand cream to keep my hands soft and young. A few years ago, I received Weleda Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream as a gift and now I can’t use anything else.

Tampons- It’s taken me a long time to find a natural tampon that actually works AND has an applicator! I use The Honest Company’s Organic Cotton Tampons because they work AND they boast super cute packaging.

When I Stick to Mainstream Products:
Shampoo + Conditioner– I color my hair so it gets dry and brittle if I don’t use the right product.

Nail Polish– Manicures are my main vice and I’ve been wearing Essie Ballet Slippers for as long as I can remember

Mascara– My eyelashes are pretty much non-existant and Benefit They’re Real mascara makes them magically look long and lustrous.

Concealer + Bronzer- I use Benefit for most of my make up (per above) including Boi-ing concealer and Hoola bronzer.

Perfume– I can’t give up my Le Labo Santal 33 eau de parfum. It leads with sandalwood and has hints of cardamom, iris, and violet. It’s perfect!

Hair Spray– Like my eyelashes, my hair is super thin so to hold a curl or have any volume whatsoever, I need an aggressive hairspray that’s equally as flexible. The only one that works for me is Kerastase Spray a Porter.

Deoderant– I sweat a lot. Enough said. Dove Advanced Care Original is my jam.

Bathroom Cleaner– I have to clean my shower with something stronger. Please don’t judge me for using Clorox!

Toothpaste– I have a mild obsessed with my teeth feeling clean. Crest with Scope does the job for me.

I’d love to hear more about when you go natural, when you don’t, and why!

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  1. Paola Blanc said:

    I also use Weleda products, it’s very important to use natural products

    8.25.15 · Reply
  2. Carrie Christensen said:

    Love this post! I recommend Melaleuca- the Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner works amazing but does not have any of the chemicals. Their Tough & Tender works great too for cleaning floors and kitchen counters. Some of Norwex cleaning products are good too! Thanks for sharing what works for you!

    8.25.15 · Reply
  3. Alyssa Thomas said:

    Love this! I feel ya. I try to use as many natural products as possible, but theres some things, like shampoo and conditioner, that I just haven’t been able to swing. So many great picks here though! I love Method soap. I buy the refill packs and the colors are so pretty in my clear glass soap dispensers!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

    8.25.15 · Reply
  4. Mandie said:

    I love this post! I definitely go natural when possible!

    For my hair (I quit coloring a long time ago) I use Aveda Products
    For my face wash I use Aveda face cleanser
    For my face mask I use an organic face mask
    I use organic body wash and hand soap
    I use organic cleaning supplies
    My eye cream is organic as well.

    When I don’t go natural:
    -Body Lotion: I am obsessed with my body lotion which is unscented (can’t do scents, I break out) and dermatologist made.
    -My toothpaste, I haven’t made the switch yet to Toms
    -My deodorant
    -My feminine products
    -My makeup collection is all from the Bobbi Brown line which I am so addicted to.
    -Manicures/Pedicures are my obsession and I cannot get enough of a gel manicure

    Are the honest company tampons really that great? I haven’t seen them in stores but would definitely give them a try.


    8.25.15 · Reply
  5. Kathleen Harper said:

    I love these all natural products! Good for the environment and your body 🙂

    8.25.15 · Reply
  6. Need to try these!


    8.25.15 · Reply
  7. Heidi D. said:

    Bookmarking this one:)

    Wishes & Reality

    8.25.15 · Reply
  8. Jean said:

    Ditto on the SW Basics lip balm, Dr. Bronner’s body wash, and Weleda hand cream. I’m still searching for a natural shampoo that works for me, but I love John Masters Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner.

    xx Jean

    8.26.15 · Reply
  9. I love Method and Mrs Meyers. one item to add to your Natural list is Method Antibacterial Kitchen spray– It works great and I even use it in my bathroom. Although my cleaning lady requested I buy something with bleach for the shower– guess nothing works better than old Clorox!

    8.28.15 · Reply
  10. N said:

    Method is not natural. They use synthetic fragrance in their products, so they are no better than the rest. Try Seventh Generation instead.

    8.29.15 · Reply
  11. Danielle said:

    I should change some of the products I use. Thank you for sharing!


    9.4.15 · Reply
  12. Simone Turner said:

    I love Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps! And although I am not a terribly religious person, I find joy in reading the bottles. LOL!

    I’ve been wanting to try S.W. Basics products for a while now and just keep forgetting about it. those lip balms look luscious. Thanks for curating this list @lemonsandloafers:disqus

    12.27.15 · Reply
  13. Jamy said:

    Great list!! I prefer homemade deodorant (coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot and essential oils) myself.
    Check out my health and wellness blog: http://www.nordicnatural.no

    1.16.16 · Reply