Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Induce Labor Naturally

Hey guys! I’m excited about my first ever “discussion post”, one that’s geared towards chatting with you and having you chat with each other! The topic today is natural ways to induce labor. I just left my doctor’s office and, while we still have no idea when this baby is going to come (I’m 12 days from my due date), we scheduled appointments for testing to see if I need to get induced a week after my due date.

It freaked me out a little and now I’m trying to do everything in my power to induce labor before that has to happen.

So far this is what I’ve tried:
– Take evening primrose oil daily
– Drink red raspberry leaf tea daily
– Walk… a lot
– Acupuncture twice/week
Yoga poses
– Visualizations and mantras
This article was also very helpful

Unfortunately I can’t eat spicy food because it gives me heart burn… Any other tips? Things that worked for you?

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