Traveling Across Time Zones

Traveling Across Time Zones with a Baby

First of all, this photo!!! It was from our Bermuda trip back in September when Amalia was only 11 weeks old. She was so tiny!

Later this week, Anel and I are flying with her for the second time to LA for my grandfather’s funeral and for her to meet my mom’s extended family. As the date approaches, we’re getting more and more nervous about how it’s going to go when we get there.

For the plane ride, we feel (kind of) confident because we booked her an extra seat so that she can sleep in her car seat (hopefully) for her naps. We’re bringing plenty of toys and books to distract her and have plans to switch off being on duty. When we land, my mom is going to scoop us up so that we don’t have to deal with Ubers or rental cars.

But that’s when we think the real fun will begin…

When we land it will be around 3pm PST which is her bedtime on the east coast. Do we put her to bed at 3pm or try to hold her off? As of now, we’re trying to push everything 15 minutes later each day until we leave so that she’s at least a little bit closer to west coast time.

But honestly we have no idea what we’re doing. Different friends have given us conflicting advice so I want to hear from you guys! What have you done that works when traveling across time zones with your littles?

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