Oxo Tot Sprout High Chair Review

OXO Tot Sprout High Chair Review

I get asked more about my high chair than anything else on Instagram these days. Oh how times have changed! It used to be all nail polish colors and outfit advice. Since high chairs are kind of a big purchase and there is so much conflicting advice out there, I thought I’d write a full review of our Oxo Tot Sprout high chair.

When we registered for my baby shower, for some reason a high chair wasn’t on my brain. The idea of my baby eating solids felt so far away. Then I blinked and she needed a place to eat. My grandmother wanted to buy her a high chair for Christmas which ended up being perfect timing so I started doing research.

Based on everything I read and advice from friends and followers, the Stokke Tripp Trapp was our first choice. It was pricey but so many people loved it and it looked so cute that we were sold. Then one friend told me that in her infant CPR class, she learned that it was hard to get babies out of if they’re choking. I have no idea how true that is and I know a ton of people who have and love it, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head and knew it would haunt me forever if we went that route.

So I went with the second most highly recommended chair: The Oxo Tot Sprout, which we got in white and navy because it matches our kitchen decor perfectly. So far we love it, but it has some downfalls too. I hope these pros and cons help you make your decision!


Design: I just love the way this chair looks. It’s so clean and cute and fits into our kitchen without looking too baby-like. I realize this might seem like a shallow reason to love a high chair but it’s pretty front and center in our house so the design was really important to me. I love how you can customize both the wood and the cushion color to make it exactly what you want.

Easy to maneuver: When I’m holding Amalia in one arm and want to put her in the chair, it’s easy to pull the tray off with one hand and get her in. The straps are easy to use too so that whole process is zero stress.

Light: The chair itself is light which makes it easy to move around the kitchen depending on where I want her to be.

Grows with your baby: You can start using it at 5-6 months and it grows with your baby until she’s 5 years old by removing the tray and straps which is super cool.


Potential Mold: I’ve read a lot of reviews that say if you submerge the tray¬† in water, it gets mold inside of it which is so disgusting and unsafe for the baby. To work around this, I use the Honest Baby Multi-Surface spray and that works like a charm. I use the same spray on the cushions too. Obviously if the mold appears, we’ll contact the company and return it but so far we haven’t had any problems and we’ve been using it for two months daily.

No suction: This is my biggest issue with the chair, but toys and plates with suctions don’t stick to the tray. If anyone has the Sprout and has figured out a work-around, please let me know! It’s such a pain now that she’s throwing around her toys constantly.

Despite it’s issues, I still like the Oxo Tot Sprout because of how easy it is to get her in and out of it and the way it looks. If I had to choose all over again, I might go with a different one because of the suction issue. I’ve heard great things about the Four Moms chair but it has suction issues too although you can buy special plates that stick to it. I’m not sure if there’s a perfect answer to the great high chair debate!

If you have the Oxo Sprout, I’d love to know your thoughts on it or if you love another one, share the reasons why below!

Disclaimer: I’m having an issue with my comments right now so I copy and pasted all of the comments previously left on this post which is why it looks like they’re all from me!¬†

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