We’re having a…

Finding out the sex of your baby is arguably the most exciting moment of pregnancy. I truly have no idea how anyone has the patience or self-control to wait until birth.

This time around I was able to take a blood test at 10 weeks and we had our results about a week later. When I got the email, I had been warned by my doctor that it would first contain all of the genetic screening results and then I would be able to click on a separate button to find out if it was a girl or a boy.

Of course, I got the email at 8 am on a weekday when Anel was at work. We had agreed that we’d open it together, so I drove 30 minutes to his studio and waited for him to have a break between clients because there was no way I could wait until that night. We opened the email together and my hand shook as I clicked the button. It took a second to load, and then…

“You’re having a boy!”

We both immediately teared up and knew right then and there that our family was complete. Our baby boy is the last piece of the puzzle.

Although we both agreed we would be thrilled with a boy or a girl, once we found out it was a boy, we both realized how much we subconsciously wanted one. That entire day, neither of us could stop smiling. My cheeks physically hurt from how happy I was.

Just like when we found out with Amalia, I immediately felt more of a connection to the baby growing inside me, but this time even stronger. I’m so so so excited to be a mom to a baby boy and experience motherhood in a totally new way.

And, of course, for a blue and white nursery which has been a fantasy in my head for over a decade.

While trying to conceive, I did a lot of spiritual work including the meditations from Spirit Babies (a really “out there” book and concept but it worked for me!), and every time I would meditate and connect with my future baby, he showed himself as a boy.

And remember the psychic I mentioned in this post who said I would get pregnant in August? Well, he also told me that the baby would be a boy. So even before we found out, Anel and I were both pretty convinced that it was a boy.

To drive it in even more, whenever we told a friend or family member that we were pregnant, they would guess that it was a boy. One girlfriend told me I was giving off major boy energy which made me laugh. She was right!

When we planned our holiday card photos, we wore all blue but we actually found out the sex the day after which worked out perfectly because I’m far too tired to plan another photoshoot with the whole family.

Before we found out, because we’re Type A and slightly insane, we had a list of boy and girl names all written out. We had at least a dozen ideas for girls and a single boy’s name. Turns out it was hard for us to come up with boy names for some reason. But he has a name and it’s perfect. We’re not sharing it with anyone until he’s born though.

It still feels so weird to say “he” when referring to my baby. I’ve obviously never been pregnant with a boy and sometimes I forget and then get excited all over again.

Amalia really wanted a sister but has come around to the idea of a brother. She keeps telling me how she’s going to dress him up as Elsa while she’s Anna and how she’s going to buy him beautiful dresses. I guess he’ll have to comfortable with his masculinity from an early age!

I’ll end with a story of my 12-week ultrasound where the technician got a shot of him from a certain angle where we could 100% confirm that he was a boy 🙂 Seeing a tiny penis growing inside me was surreal. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that one!

Photos by Julia Dags.

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