5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I’m jumping on this train and playing the “5 Things” game. It’s been so fun reading what other bloggers have to say and it makes everyone seem more human, don’t you think? A few of my favorites have been Lynzy, Alison, Caitlin, Amanda, and Julie. I hope you enjoy my fun little facts below. Now I’m tagging Amanda, my new friend and fellow NYC blogger.

1. I have a tattoo. It’s really tiny on my right hip and says “sister” in Hindi. My sister and I got them after returning from a summer volunteering in India. Surprising right? People always look shocked when I tell them this little fact. Apparently I don’t look like the tatted up sort of girl.

2. I’m a lefty. I don’t think that this is that big of a deal but when my friends notice that I’m writing with my left hand they get offended that I never told them about it. Well, friends, there it is. I’m a lefty!

3. I am, what most would call, OCD. I clean my apartment every single day and cannot work/sleep/eat unless everything on my desk/nightstand/table is perfectly in a row, cleaned, and organized. If things are out of whack in my space, I get very anxious and have even had a panic attack from my apartment being too messy. Also, I shower (at least) 2x/day.

4. I went to High School in Italy. I grew up in a small New Hampshire town, but I spent my junior and senior years of High School at an international boarding school in Rome. I’m half Italian, minored in Italian language in college, and can still speak it conversationally today (kind of). My husband and I went on our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. Basically I love Italy and all things Italian, especially my family.

5. I have bad days too. Although I portray my life as all rainbows and green juice here on Lemon Stripes, that is far from the whole picture. Like everyone else, I have bad days. Sometimes really bad days. I have pretty severe anxiety, I cry at least once/week, I often wonder why I quit a high paying job to run a business that I know very little about, and I have struggled with insomnia for my entire life. To stay positive, I try to remember that I’m following my dreams. Nothing, especially not a good cry, is going to stop me!

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