5 Tips For a More Blissful Life


While I’m away enjoying summer weather on the other side of the world, I’ve asked a few friends from Bliss Cleanse to share their top 5 tips for a more blissful life. They also let me review their new book and it is a fantastic way to brighten your mood and cheer up your life.

Take it away Lindsey and Lorraine!


Winter blues got you down? With the lack of sunshine, cold weather, and layers upon layers of clothes, it’s easy to get sucked into the wintertime blues.

To help you survive the winter blues, we created 5 tips for a more blissful winter:

1. Wear color. In the winter months, it’s easy to want to wear nothing but dark colored outfits. Make it a habit in the winter to spice up your wardrobe and wear color once or twice a week. This will help you feel empowered and energetic during the winter months!

2. Do something you love. Do at least one thing each week that really makes your heart sing, something you would feel truly grateful for. Know that this act of self-love will nourish you like no food can.

3. Spend extra time with people who make you feel love, supported, and appreciated. It’s easy to hibernate in the winter when it’s cold, but make sure you make time for those important people in your life.

4. Get crafty. Try start a hobby or picking up something you used to love, but haven’t done in a long time. Winter months are great to get creative or crafty because we tend to be indoors more.

5. Spruce up your surroundings. Decorate your space with green plants and inspiring artwork. Celebrate your space and make it yours by choosing items and colors that lift your spirit and make you feel good.

Written by Lindsey Smith and Lorraine Miller, authors of the new, unique book, Bliss Cleanse: Your Two-Week Mind, Body, Spirit Guide to Greater Health and Happiness. For more information, visit BlissCleanse.com

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  1. bright and beautiful said:

    fabulous tips! 🙂

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