Chocolate Pie

A few weeks ago, I went to my friend’s baby shower where her mother made the most heavenly chocolate pie I’ve ever tasted. In her family, they call it “Chateau de Ville” and they eat it at every birthday, holiday, and family event. Now that I’ve tasted it, I know why!

I had to try it out for myself so I made it immediately after she sent over the recipe. Now it’s a hit in my home as well. It’s super easy to make and there are only a few ingredients. Right up my alley!

-1 graham cracker crust or baked pie crust
-1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
-3/4 cup organic cane sugar
-1 and 1/2 squares of unsweetened dark chocolate, melted and cooled
-1 tspn pure vanilla extract
-2 pasteurized eggs (If not pasturized then make sure the eggs are fresh, organic, and not cracked!)

-Cream butter and sugar thoroughly with standing or hand mixer
-Add vanilla and mix through
-Add melted chocolate and mix through
-Add one egg and beat well for 5 minutes
-Add the second egg and beat well for 5 minutes (Note from my friend’s mom: It’s hard to beat it too much–I never have.)
-Pour into pie crust and chill thoroughly
-Top with whipped cream, shaved chocolate, berries, or anything you like!
-Serve at room temperature

Photo by ADz Photos

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