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On Tuesday night, I had a few of my girlfriends over for drinks, empanadas, and some chocolate That sounds like a strange mix but I swear it worked! I don’t entertain very often but Anel was out of town so it seemed like the perfect time for a ladies night with some of my fave blog betches, Kat, Hitha, Hallie, and Jessica.

It was nice to spend some QT with the girls, chatting, not worrying about other people around us or music that was too loud. I think I need to do this more often!

Because I was just getting over a little cold and coming back from vacay, it needed to be as easy as possible. Here are some deets about how I did that:

Dinner was a spread of Nuchas Empanadas (they deliver so no set up required). They sent over flavors like shitake curry, jambalaya, and spicy chicken, not to mention their apple, cranberry, nutella dessert empanada.

For dessert, I served a dangerously delicious (seriously, we couldn’t get enough!) plate of Pure Madness Chocolate truffles. It was quite the sight: 5 fashion bloggers digging into a plate of chocolate.

We loved the touch of heat mixed with citrus from the chili lime truffle (perfect dessert to pair with empanadas). The fruity elderflower cocktails paired well with the raspberry and orange kumquat flavor. We loved the super unique flavors—not to mention their awesome hot pink and black packaging. It was perfect addition to a fashion blogger party!

I made little goodie bags for each of the girls by tying grosgrain ribbon around a Pure Madness Smoky Almond Chocolate Bar and a Baggu tote for the perfect little gift for my guests!

Side note: I broke into one of these bars with my sister the night before the party (shh, don’t tell!) and I’m obsessed fo’ real. The mixture of milk chocolate and smoked almonds is ridic.

We drank cocktails made with Absolute Pear, Club Soda, and a splash of Saint Germain. Two words: Yum and hangover!

Shop the look in the Lemon Stripes Store:
Cheers Coasters: $30 for a set of 15
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  1. Marissa said:

    That looks like a lot of fun! I’ve never thought about giving gift bags but that’s such a great idea!

    8.15.13 · Reply
  2. Jessica Sturdy said:

    So much fun! Those empanadas were delish. I’m totally copying that cocktail soon… So so good! And yes, that chocolate is AMAZE! Thanks for having us over, J! 🙂

    8.15.13 · Reply
  3. You are the hostess with the mostest, lady. Thanks for having us 🙂

    8.15.13 · Reply
  4. Great idea for a cocktail! Pear & St. Germain are a perfect combo.

    8.15.13 · Reply
  5. Ok, this totally makes me want to entertain now! So adorable, you seem like the perfect host! 🙂

    8.15.13 · Reply
  6. Kelly said:

    So cute! And I loveeee your wall decorations! Apartment envy. 😉



    8.17.13 · Reply
  7. Grwer said:
    6.29.15 · Reply