Cool Sh*t Online: Episode 5


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Happy Friday! This week has been a fun one with lots of events and parties and friends and dinners out. I am looking forward to a relaxed weekend, that’s for sure. Here are 6 things that have caught my eye online through it all. Enjoy!

1. I know this is old news (pun intended) but I’ve recently been converted to a theSkimm reader. theSkimm is a daily email service that gives you the top stories in the news in a super palatable way without having to read a ton of newspapers or watch the news. It’s a funny digest that reviews the big topics in the world today. I highly recommend this for busy women who want to stay up to date!

2. I loved reading about how Diane von Furstenberg starts every day by helping someone else. Her morning tradition is inspiring. We can all take a note or two from this article.

3. New arrivals have hit the Lemon Stripes shelves! My favorites are this delicate necklace, these tiny black and gold earrings, and this yellow leather pouch.

4. Here is a list of 65 Books you need to read in your 20s. Is it bad that I’ve only read 13 out of the 65? I have only 2 years to round out the list.

5. Every few weeks, Bri posts new desktop backgrounds designed by various artists on her blog. I change mine up almost every time she posts and this week’s “Yolo” design is one of my favorites to date.

6. Read my post on the Glitter Guide about how to style slouchy pants 3 ways.

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  1. Ali said:

    I am a huge fan of the Skimm. It makes me feel like I actually know what is going in the world everyday! Happy Weekend! xo

    10.26.13 · Reply
    • Exactly! I feel up to date with only 5 minutes of reading. Those women are genius.

      10.28.13 · Reply