Lemon Stripes Market Updates & Sales

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to hang out with the incredible Flagship team in San Fransisco as one of their first creators on the platform. They are such amazing people building a really cool thing for both creators and consumers: a way to link our favorite brands and earn money without having to link to only big-box stores. It lets the little guys win and gives creators some control over the shop itself.

I’ve added some super cool new brands to the Lemon Stripes Market and a bunch of amazing products are on sale for the holiday weekend.

As always you can shop my tried-and-true favorites like Chappywrap and Dudley Stephens, but I’ve been working on adding new-to-me brands that I’ve fallen in love with as well. Check them out!

Current favorites:

Perfume oil (15% off): My number one favorite product in the shop today is the Maya Base Perfume Oil that I wrote about last week but have to double up on today. The super clean, yet somehow also sexy roll-on perfume oil is designed to adjust to your body chemistry to create a scent that is yours and yours alone. I mentioned last week that in SF a group of 10 of us tried it on and it smelled different on every single person. And I’m pretty sure all 10 of us bought it on the spot!

I had a similar experience the other night when we had friends over. Two of my girlfriends tried it on and bought it then and there. This is good stuff, trust me. And it’s bespoke in a way because it smells so different on every person.

On top of that, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and hand-filled in Los Angeles, CA, to be as ecologically responsible as possible. If you’re not ready to commit, we have a mini roll-on bottle for $40 (today marked down to $34) that lasts for about 6 months.

Reasonably Priced but Amazing Leggings: LVBY is a new brand to my shop and I have fallen in love with their super high-quality but not a million dollar price point. I have worn their crossover leggings (in black) for 3 days in a row now. They are thick enough so that it feels substantial and suck you in perfectly. Plus they’re under $60 with the same or better quality than other pairs I have for over $120…

I also have and love this hoodie (also in black). The inside is insanely soft but it’s not too heavy. It has the perfect crop to wear with leggings and is also under $60.

Fabric Shaver: The NORI trim is a life-saver for sweaters and sweatshirts that pill. It shaves those little pills right off and makes old clothing look new again. I use mine constantly and Anel has been known to steal it from time to time as well.

Memorial Day Sale:

Pearl Street Swim, 20% off: Amalia and Luca wear this swimsuit brand created by a local Connecticut mom. Luca only ever wants to wear this green rash guard one-piece (marked down from $68 to $27!) and we love the long-sleeved rash guard suits for Amalia (marked down from $68 to $32).

Ophelia & Indigo, 20% off: You can now shop the Lemon Stripes collection for 20% off! The Mary top is almost sold out so if you’ve had your eye on that, now is the time. The Amalia dress and the Cici dress won’t be around for long either.

MAYA Fragrances, 15% off: I am obsessed with their roll-on perfume oils. MAYA fragrances are enigmatically engineered to never, ever smell the same on anyone. It’s actually kind of amazing!

Kibou, 15% off: Kibou makes the coolest diaper bag/fanny packs. We just got this one and it is so much easier to tote around than the backpack we had been using previously.

Florence Eiseman, 20% off: If you follow me on Instagram, you know Luca is in love with his bus sweater. That sweater is from Florence Eiseman, a beautifully crafted line of kids clothes. Both of my children love their whimsical pieces and I have a great selection up on my shop. This strawberry dress is Amalia’s current favorite. and I had to order this little car ‘fit for Lukey.

Bits & Bows: My family loves Bits & Bows and I think this sweet monogrammed cap are just so cute for summer. It comes in navy and white. I’ll be getting one for each kid for beach days! Amalia already told me she wants the version with the cute seersucker bow in the back.

KITSCH, 15% off: Classic everyday items like my go-to hair towel, sleep scrunchies, the heatless hair curler, and more are all 15% off through the weekend.

New Brands Added:

KYTE Baby: Any new mom will tell you that KYTE is the GOAT for PJs and sleep sacks. Luca has exclusively slept in KYTE sleep sacks (we prefer the 1.0 TOG) since he dropped his swaddle. He even has one with chickens on it! I was thrilled to add this brand we love to my shop.

St. Roche: This new-to-me women’s wear brand makes gorgeous investment pieces. Their beautiful white eyelet dress is at the top of my wishlist.

Kibou (currently 15% off): As mentioned above, Kibou makes the coolest diaper bag/fanny packs. They are also offering you guys an exclusive discount this week!

Florence Eiseman (currently 20% off): Also as mentioned above, this is one our favorite kid clothing brands. This strawberry dress is Amalia’s current favorite. and I had to order this little car ‘fit for Lukey.

Surely Non-Alcoholic WineI was obviously very excited about this one. The sparkling canned rosé is my favorite of the bunch, but they’re all very good.

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