Gin & Tonic 3 Ways

We’re heading on our yearly summer family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard next week so I have G&T’s on my mind. My dad always makes one for each of us as a pre-dinner cocktail and it brings back memories of many summers past! I never think to make one for myself but I was at a party recently and they were serving them with muddled (I think?) cucumbers and it made me want to make this classic summer cocktail in a few fun ways.

I tried it with a touch of grapefruit juice and a sprig of rosemary (my favorite), basil and cucumber, and melon balls/juice. There’s no real recipe to share for them but the general rule of thumb for G&T is one part gin to two parts tonic so for all three of these I added the extra flavor on top of that (grapefruit juice, cucumber juice, melon juice). Garnish and voilĂ !

Photos by Julia Dags.

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