Peeps Fruit Kabobs

My kids love a fruit kabob. They love making them, eating them, talking about them, looking at them. I don’t know if it’s the rainbow colors or the novelty of eating fruit off a stick or what but the excitement when I bring them up is next level. When I added a Peep to the top of them to make “Peeps Fruit Kabobs” last week for this post they went wild. Absolutely wild. This is such a fun and cute Easter treat that, yes, involves candy but also involves nutritious and delicious fruit.

The possibilities here are endless. I love a good rainbow but you can use whatever fruit or berries you have on hand to make a pattern.

What was that old Kix cereal slogan? Kid tested, mom approved!

Peeps Fruit Kabobs

Ingredient options:

– Red: Strawberries, halved, raspberries, pitted cherries, watermelon
– Orange: Cubed cantelope, sliced orange/clementine, cubed mango, sliced peaches
– Yellow: Cubed pineapple, sliced banana, sliced apple (not really yellow but it works in a pinch)
– Green: Green grapes, sliced kiwi, cubed honeydew, or sliced cucumber if you want to go veg with it.
– Blue: Blueberries
– Purple: Purple Grapes, plums, or blackberries
– Topping Peep of your choice!


  1. Prep your fruits and pop them on wooden skewers in whatever pattern you like.
  2. Top with a Peep
  3. Enjoy!

Photo by Julia Dags.

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