36 Hours in Nantucket

I’m so excited to finally be sharing some of the photos from my trip to Nantucket last week! My photographer, Julia Dags, and I flew up for one night and two days on one of the most charming places in New England.

We went for two reasons. The first was that Shop Nantucket invited us to the island to explore some of their shops and restaurants (I got the email and was like, “Sign me up!”). The second was to work on a social media/e-comm shoot with my friend’s company, ChappyWrap. They wanted to hire Dags and have me style it and the whole thing was so much fun. I included a few of those photos in here for fun too.

Sorry in advance for all of the pictures but Nantucket is so picturesque and beautiful that I just couldn’t stop! Also def not sorry that I’m wearing a Dudley Stephens fleece (Park Slope) in almost every photo. I was not being paid to do that, I’m just a super fan. FYI they’re doing a major restock in the next two weeks so if you can’t find your size, stay tuned.

One fun and random fact before I detail my stay, but there is a photo below of a blue door on a house I loved. I posted it to my Instagram stories on the trip and someone commented back that it was her family’s house and she was so excited to see it there. Such a small world!

We had a ridiculously luxurious stay at White Elephant Village. When we walked into our cottage, I thought it would be a regular hotel room but it was a three bedroom three bathroom situation with a giant living room and wraparound porch (pictured below). I felt so fancy and am so grateful to Shop Nantucket and the White Elephant team for making that happen. Mama got to sleep in a big comfy bed all by herself!

Note: Our hotel stay was covered by Shop Nantucket.

– Lunch Day 1: Amazing sandwiches at Provisions. Dags and I split a Sicilian Tuna and an Italian and I can honestly say that they were two of the best sammies I’ve had all year. Can you tell we’re both Italian girls?

– Dinner: We had an awesome and cozy dinner at Lola 41, which was right across the street from our cottage. When I asked friends about it, they all recommended we order sushi and a burger so we did just that. I thought it was a little odd but they were both so good, if you go you really can’t miss either! They also made a mean dirty martini… Just sayin’.

– Breakfast Day 2: We ate breakfast and sipped on our tea with a stunning water view at Brant Point Grill, a restaurant in the White Elephant main hotel. It was quite beautiful and peaceful and I highly recommend the huevos rancheros.

– Lunch Day 2: I was so excited to go back to CRU because Anel and I had been there a few years ago and were obsessed with both the lobster roll and the vibe in general. It’s on the water with a great view of the boats and everyone in it is simultaneously chic and casual. It was slightly too chilly to eat outside, but that’s an option there too for summertime.

Note: Our meals were covered by Shop Nantucket.

We got to explore nine beautiful stores on-island (full list below) but my favorites were The Skinny Dip, which carried a ton of my favorite brands, Beautycounter, where I learned a lot about clean beauty and make up products (testing some out now and will report back), and Charleston Shoe Company which had the comfiest shoes I’ve ever put on my feet, no joke.

In addition to those spots, we went to:
Lemon & Line
Abigail Fox Designs
Native Shoes
Southern Tide
Sara Campbell

My favorite thing about shopping on Nantucket is that every shop looks like a beautiful old home from the outside, and then most of them are modern and well designed on the inside.

Thank you to Shop Nantucket for creating a wonderful two days for us in Nantucket! I can’t wait to go back and explore again, hopefully soon. Photos by Julia Dags.

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