48 Hours in North Fork

We are back from a magical and very special weekend away in North Fork. I can’t believe that I’ve never been to this gem of a Gatsby-region and it’s just across the Long Island Sound from us.

100% we will be going back and definitely want to bring our kids too. Although it was a great grown-ups only trip and I would recommend it for an anniversary or couples-getaway.

It felt like every single restaurant and shop was Insta-ready which I would normally think is annoying but because of how well-done it all was, I loved it. Even though Greenport is just across the bay from us, it felt like another, fancier, Boho-ier world. Each shop was chicer than the last and each restaurant was more delicious than the last. It was definitely a foodie’s dream.

I got so many recommendations from friends and from you guys but only had just over 48 hours in town, so we hit as many hot-spots as we could but also made time to relax by the beach.

If IG story content is more your jam, I also made a highlight on my profile. Speaking of IG stories, the reason we went to North Fork in the first place was because my friend Alex, who makes mini travel guides in her highlights, made one that we essentially copied. Check out her guides here.

Pictured above: Dress from Lido in Greenport (Yes, I’m wearing it backwards on purpose)

Eat & Drink in North Fork

Bruce & Son: I want to say this was the best breakfast spot I’ve ever been to but that seems insane. But does it? The food is as beautiful as it is tasty. The brunch menu is served all day and I could have ordered one of each on the menu. Don’t miss their adaptogen lattes for something cool and different!

D’Latte: We randomly went in for coffee and tea one morning and were surprised that this unassuming coffee shop had such amazing drinks and pastries. I love a good morning glory muffin and theirs was absolutely delightful.

Love Lane Kitchen: Sadly we didn’t make it to Love Lane Kitchen but I felt compelled to add it to this list because almost everyone we spoke to mentioned how great it is for breakfast or lunch. Next time it will be at the top of our list.

Luncharitos: Great tacos and margs! Also a top-recommended spot. Don’t skip the coconut shrimp taco.

Little Creek Oysters: I’m so so bummed we missed out on this famous little oyster restaurant. You can shuck your own oysters at the table! The line was so long that we didn’t make it, but next time for sure.

Duryea’s (Orient Point): If you take the ferry to Orient Point, Duryea’s (yep, the same one as in Montauk) is right around the corner from where you land. We hopped off the ferry and right over to lunch here and wow, just wow. It feels like you’re on the coast of Portugal, or the South of France, or perhaps Costa Rica? Somewhere exotic and beautiful. Not a single boho yet beachy detail is spared but be prepared for some sticker shock with the menu prices. They’re famous for their $97 shared lobster cobb salad which we agreed felt too outrageous to order but we saw it on other tables and it looked pretty awesome.

It was definitely the most Hampton-y vibe restaurant we visited. Case in point: a giant yacht pulled up and the whole family came in for lunch. And I saw more Cartier Love Bracelets than I could count.

American Beech: Anel and I have a running list of our favorite lobster rolls on the east coast and the one from American Beech made it to number 3 which is basically a huge deal in the Dzafic household. Not to mention the truffle fries were next level. And the cocktails!  Basically we loved it.

North Fork Table & Inn: We chose this restaurant for our anniversary dinner because it’s a whole experience. You can do a 3 or 4 course tasting menu and choose to add a wine-pairing if you want. We skipped the wine because we had come straight from a vineyard but it was a really really beautiful setting and each plate of food felt like a piece of art. It’s not cheap so go for a special occasion.

The Halyard: We changed our dinner reservation last-minute to eat at The Halyard because the view was so spectacular and it was packed every time we walked by. And I’m so glad we did because we had a great meal and the sunset view was really special. We both agreed that the moules frites was the best thing we tried. The drinks from the piano bar next door were also great. The bartender really knew what he was doing.

Weakfish at The Checquit (Shelter Island): We only had drinks and apps at this sushi restaurant in The Checquit hotel but it was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the peaceful Shelter Island. We heard someone next to us say that their spicy tuna roll was the best he’d ever had so we might have to go back and try that.

Greenport Creamery: Everyone said this was hands down the best ice cream in town and they weren’t kidding! They had a ton of flavors as well as water ices if you need dairy-free.

Two more places we didn’t have time to visit were Sunset Beach (Shelter Island) where apparently the cocktail hour scene is very fun and the sunset is gorgeous and Claudio’s, a mainstay in downtown Greenport.

Shop in Greenport

Common Ground: This absolute gem of a store is full of pretty jewelry and an incredible collection of crystals and hand-poured candles. I could have spent hours in there.

Tea & Tchotchkes: Accurately self-described as Boho lifestyle gift shop, this adorable store sells a beautiful curation of products from crystals to jewelry to a million varieties of loose-leaf tea.

Lido: It’s hard to pick a favorite shop in Greenport but I think this might be mine. I bought the dress pictured above and tried on 5 others. The home decor was boho and cool and yet also beachy and just perfect. I ended up buying Anel a piece of art as an anniversary gift.

The Weathered Barn: Very cool, moody, dark, and full of natural soy wax candles, scent diffusers, cool gifts, and jewels.

The Times Vintage: I usually get overwhelmed in vintage shops and then buy nothing because I don’t even know where to start but The Times is different than any vintage shop I’ve ever seen. All the kitchen and bar items, for example, are set up in a 1950’s-style kitchen painted in pink and green (pictured above). and the dresses and shirts are hung in rainbow order for easy browsing. This store is a must-visit even just to walk around it as if it were a museum!

American Beech Boutique: Also a part of the hotel, this store was so so so cool. Anel and I both did some serious damage in here. He bought a candle and a pair of shoes, I bought a set of coupe glasses, a candle as well, and a coffee table book. The women’s clothing was a little too out-there for me but fun to browse, but the gift/candle selection was out of this world.

Local Knit: We must have popped into 5 different tee shops and this was by far our favorite. They had a great selection of cozy but super cool tees and sweatshirts for adults and kids.

The Market: Great for healthy snacks, smoothies, juices, supplements and general wellness and right in the heart of town.

Lavender By the Bay: We stopped by this beautiful lavender field and gift shop on the way into town and again on the way out. Not only can you buy any and all things lavender, but you can walk through the fields that have the most intoxicating smell. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

Stay in North Fork

Sound View: We stayed at the Sound View (pictured above) and were expecting more of a luxury hotel (like Ocean House) but were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed this elevated and newly renovated motel. The view alone was worth its weight but the room was cute, well-designed, clean, comfy, and a good size. Every room has a balcony with the money view and the staff was super nice and helpful.

American Beech: I wrote about the shop and the restaurant above, but American Beech is also a hotel in the middle of downtown Greenport. It looked super cool and I would definitely try it out next time although I’m guessing it might be a little loud given the location? No idea though.

Menhaden: My friend stayed here and loved it. It is also right in town so you would have easy access to all the stores and the Shelter island ferry.

Wineries in North Fork

We only ended up at one vineyard because of poor planning (womp womp), but I’m also sharing the ones that came the most highly recommended from trusted sources, aka my friends. On our first day, we visited Croteaux Vineyards, a beautiful and very vibey spot that only makes rosé. My general feeling was that the vibe and views were amazing but we didn’t love the wine itself.

The other top recommended vineyards were Rosehill (great vibe with good wines that I was dying to vist), Sparkling Pointe (dedicated to sparkling wines), and Kontakosta, probably the most popular vineyard around.

Pro tip: most of the wineries close at 5 or 6pm so plan your visits earlier in the day!

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