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If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you definitely know that I’ve spent the last 5 days in Tokyo, exploring the city’s colors and cuisine. It was such a whirlwind adventure. I felt out of place the entire time because almost no one spoke English and the city is gigantic! We did everything from visiting the Tsukiji fish market (and ate the freshest sushi there of all time) to strolling around under the Sakuras (cherry blossoms), to shopping in the super hip Harajuku neighborhood, to eating all sorts of new foods (sea urchin was a first!).

Overall I loved Tokyo but am thrilled to be home back with my husband and sleeping in my own bed. After 2 and a half weeks away (first in Indonesia), it felt like an eternity since I had last been in New York. I’m surprised how much I missed it.


Barrels of sake dedicated to the soul of Emperor Meji


The brights in my closet

sakura copy

The stunningly pink cherry blossoms that happened to be in bloom


Beautiful Japanese desserts made with azuki bean paste


A ride on the carousel with Jackson at Ueno Park


A stunning temple


A traditional Japanese flower arrangement in our hotel room (called Ikibana)


A random Laduree/Uniqlo partnership…I’m not complaining!


Visiting the flagship Kate Spade Saturday store


My prayer among many at the Meji Shrine


Trying new things! Green tea fried bean paste


The best sushi OF ALL TIME!

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  1. Andrea said:

    The photos in this post make me want to travel to Tokyo and Japan in general. The “sakura” are so beautiful. We have them here in D.C too!

    3.21.13 · Reply
  2. jen @ grown in southern ground said:

    gorgeous… i used to live in korea and miss the cherry blossoms!

    3.21.13 · Reply