Turks & Caicos Photo Diary

Turks and Caicos
I’m back! Guys, I wish I could explain how different I feel from last week. Five days on a tropical island can really change an anxious exhausted New Yorker into a happy, peaceful one. Inspired by my friend Hallie’s Fashion Week recaps, I thought I’d share a recap of some of our trip highlights. Enjoy!

5:30 am
Waking up when it’s still dark out definitely doesn’t suit me. I’ve been so exhausted lately that this doesn’t feel much different than usual.

7:30 Speeding in a cab to Newark airport, trying to chug two green juices before we get there. That was a poor choice.

9:30am: En route to Turks and Caicos! Finally the exhaustion hits and I am pretty much comatose until we start our initial descent towards turquoise waters. Except, of course, for the 30 minutes I spend talking to the flight attendant who complimented my travel outfit which spun into a deep conversation about our mutual love of Pinterest. Natch.
Turks and Caicos

1:30pm: We arrive at The Gansevoort, greeted by rum punch and a sunny 85 degree day. Tears actually come to my eyes. I’ve never seen anything so vibrant, or tasted anything so sweet. This (actual view from the lobby below) must be heaven!
Turks and Caicos

1:45pm: We pound fish tacos with mango salsa for lunch before bum rushing the beach like a couple of hermits who have never seen sunlight before in their lives. I might as well be skipping I’m so happy.

6:00pm Core fusion yoga class in an outside pavilion (but not before a quick sunset selfie!). The breeze is blowing, the music is calming. This is so relaxing. Ohm, yo. Ohhhh wait did you just say 4 push ups with that chaturanga? And 8 squats in chair pose? This class is no joke…Sweating aggressively.
Turks and Caicos

8:00pm The day was a blur but we’ve somehow made it to a cute local outside restaurant, sipping on mojitos and eating coconut crusted grouper and fried conch.

10:00pm: Passing out. Ready to make up for months of poor sleep.

8:00am wake up feeling rested and refreshed for the first time in as long as I can remember. Open the curtains to our stunning ocean view and feel blessed, happy, and hungry. Tears start to come again. I knew I needed this trip but I had seriously forgotten how it felt to feel so good. That sounds cheesy but it’s 100% true!
Turks and Caicos

10:00am: On the beach again. Reading a book. Life is good.

12:00pm: Why did I decide to snorkel again? A fellow snorkeler informs us of barracudas ahead. Eff that, I’m outta here. I swim as if I’m being chased by sharks to shore. I never should have watched Blackfish last week!

1:00pm: Fish tacos again. This might be an addiction. Followed by a piña colada. I gave up dessert for lent but piñas are excluded on the ground that they’re alcoholic beverages… My thought process is dicey at best but I’m stickin to it.
Turks and Caicos

5:30pm: We shoot an outfit for the blog (stay tuned later this week) before drinking a G&T (for me) and a scotch on the rocks (for him) on a beach bed watching the sunset. Talk about romance!
Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.09.20 PM
Turks and Caicos

7:00pm: We find ourselves at the Turks and Caicos fish fry. What is that, you ask? Here is what I experience: Grilled lobster tail, fried fish, a live band, lots of white people trying to dance, and drinking rum out of coconut… Coco locos.

8:00pm: Snuck into the hot tub after one too many coco locos. We think we’re being stealth but apparently not. Luckily we’ve made friends with the security guard who agrees to let us hang for 30 more minutes. Below is the actual view from the hot tub.
Turks and Caicos

8:30am: Waking up for Core Fusion barre class… Or actually never mind back to sleep. Vacation is vacation. I’d rather just head straight to the beach.
Turks and Caicos

1:00pm Lunch at a Mexican restaurant a short walk down the beach. We saunter, taking our time, splashing in the water on the way. Fish tacos again. Like there’s a choice at this point.
Turks and Caicos

3:00pm Paddle boarding next to Anel out on the open ocean (let’s be real, we’re still pretty close to the beach). Feeling so blissed out and happy. My arms are burning but it is so worth it. I am terrified of falling into these barracuda-ridden waters but I manage to stay up right the whole time!
Turks and Caicos

5:30pm Another gorgeous sunset. They get more and more magical every night.
Turks and Caicos

8:30pm Drinking a glass of rosé at Stelle, the restaurant at the Gansevoort eating lobster, conch cevice, and branzino with fennel and orange. This was the perfect trip for me to forget my fish oil. I think I have enough Omega-3s to last me a lifetime.


10:00am Are those rain clouds? We’ll risk it and set up shop on the beach per usual.
Turks and Caicos

11:30am Well that was a mistake! A brief morning shower drives us back to the hotel. With nothing else to do, we decide that drinking a couple of dark and stormies is the only way to go. Good choice, they’re incredible.
Turks and Caicos

2:00pm Sun is finally out! Reading my book under an umbrella and get lost in the story, only to come back to reality 3 hours later. I love when that happens.
Turks and Caicos

5:00pm Shooting one more outfit post because I love you guys and the outfit was kind of epic.
Turks and Caicos

5:45 Taking our last romantic stroll along the beach with Anel. I can’t believe it’s already our last night here!
Turks and Caicos

8:30pm Sitting at the most romantic outside restaurant, Coco Bistro, eating lobster and avocado spring rolls, more dark and stormies (why not?) and reviewing the highlights of our trip.

7:30 am Wake up early to say goodbye to paradise. A quick breakfast followed by one last look at the view before taking off to the airport. It was an incredible 5 days and I wouldn’t change a thing. I thank Anel, myself, and the universe for blessing me with opportunities like this trip. I will come home a new, refreshed woman.
Turks and Caicos

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  1. Dana said:

    Ahh looks so amazing! Im so glad you got to rest and came back feeling better! I can’t wait to see your outfit posts. Have a great Monday!

    3.10.14 · Reply
  2. Wow, this place looks like paradise on Earth! I assume you had a very good time with Anel! 😉

    3.10.14 · Reply
  3. Michele said:

    I can’t believe I have to wait 3 more months until we go to T&C- ack!!!!! Anyway, glad you had a great time and now I’m craving fish tacos for breakfast, so thanks for that 😉

    The Salty Hanger

    3.10.14 · Reply
  4. Rose said:

    Your photos are so amazing!!! So glad you had fun & got the rest/break that you needed 🙂 makes me wish I had a trip coming up soon!

    3.10.14 · Reply
  5. Megan Quint Gressel said:

    yessss, we went there for our honeymoon and i really miss it! i find myself randomly going through our photos and craving a trip back.

    The Quintessentials

    3.10.14 · Reply
  6. I’ve been following your trip on Instagram. This place looks heavenly. 🙂

    ~ Joanie

    3.10.14 · Reply
  7. Meredith said:

    So, so gorgeous. As you said about some of your photos, it’s almost unreal looking. I love your Mon Neverfull!

    3.10.14 · Reply
  8. Such gorgeous pictures! I looked like an amazing trip! Can’t wait to see the outfit pics 🙂


    3.10.14 · Reply
  9. FatFreeFashion said:

    Wow, so gorgeous! Loved reading your recap, so candid and real! 🙂


    3.10.14 · Reply
  10. stephie said:

    Beautiful!! I love that drinks don’t count as dessert because it’s true. 🙂

    3.10.14 · Reply
  11. Kristin Haus said:

    So jealous! We did a week in Mexico last year and it was amazing and so relaxing! Glad you had a blast! Feel free to still use the f-word now and agin! 😉

    3.10.14 · Reply
  12. Mary Fran said:

    I just started a blog and this is so inspiring. Being from the island of Hawaii, this gives me so many ideas!!

    3.11.14 · Reply
  13. Wow, these photos are PHENOMENAL. The sky, the water, the sand… it’s surreal. T&C has now 100% totally made my travel bucket list! Look forward to seeing the outfit shots.

    3.11.14 · Reply
  14. Everything about this photo diary makes us unbelievable jealous!! What a beautiful vacation. Hoping we get to take a seaside getaway soon!

    Ruthie & Rose

    3.11.14 · Reply
  15. MarlaCs said:

    Looks like an amazing vacation & great to feel so renewed as well 🙂 I had a question about your Jack Rogers. I’m seeing them everywhere (I’m in Canada, maybe there more a US thing?), but not sure which style is best? The Najavo, Palm & Hamptons styles all look the same to me 😉 Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

    3.13.14 · Reply