Occupy Wall Street

{All about peace}

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my dad, a friend, and I took the long trek down the island to Zuccoti Park on Saturday to check out where the one of the biggest protests in my lifetime got its start.

It was bone chillingly cold as we walked through the rows of tents and people. I have no idea how the hundreds of protesters who have taken up residence in the park can sleep through the wintry New York City nights. They were organized, peaceful, and generally pleasant people who were simply standing up for what they believed in. Yes, the messages were mixed and scattered, but it’s nice that my generation is making a stand. And that they’re recycling! Here is the Occupy Wall Street movement, from my view.

{Remembering fallen heroes}

{A passionate protester}

{Good to know they were recycling and composting}

{A positive reminder}

{And a not so positive one}

{They had their very own newspaper}

{Teddy has a point}

{Tents packed together}

{NYPD keeping a watchful eye}

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