The Whole Sparkling Story…

{Celebrating after Anel proposed!}

As most of you know, I spent the last 10 days in France. The trip was absolutely incredible: Three days in Paris, roaming the streets, seeing the sights, and then 5 days in Provence, soaking up the sun, frolicking through lavender fields, eating ridiculous amounts of fois gras, and drinking wine with every meal.

The best part of the trip, however, was my birthday. We spent the day eating breakfast at Laduree, snapping photos on a boat ride around Paris, climbing the Eiffel Tower, roaming the Marais neighborhood, and having one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten in my life at Guy Savoy. Then Anel and I went for a romantic stroll to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight…

We found a quiet spot on the Seine that was somehow void of any tourists. We were sitting and taking in our spectacular view of the spectacular tower, feet dangling over the Seine, when he asked me to hold his camera battery for a second. As you may have guessed, it wasnt a battery at all. It was the most gorgeous, sparkling engagement ring I had ever seen!

The waterworks commenced and I almost missed his proposal because I was crying so hard. As soon as I said yes, the tower started sparkling. It was truly magical and absolutely perfect! We are both so happy and excited to start planning the wedding and our life together!

Here is the day, documented in photos.

{Macarons, pain au chocolat, and other goodies at Laduree}

{Champagne, mussels with mushrooms, chocolate cake, and a nervous Anel at Guy Savoy}

{The proposal!}

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