My Weekend in Photographs

{An old dock we found on a hike}

This was a weekend for relaxation and rejuvenation. My job is amazing because the company that I work for (Integrative Nutrition) takes us on a yoga retreat twice every year. I took one yoga class, but spent the majority of my time there outside, breathing in fresh, crisp, cool, fall air and eating healthy and clean food. It was nice to slow down and not have to rush from activity to activity all weekend.

Last night after I got home, my fiance and I did a bike loop around Central Park. For the first time, I respected all of the tourists biking and walking at a snail’s pace, appreciating every statue, tree, and street cart. Slowing down is a good thing. I’m going to try to remember that all week!

{Breakfast: steel cut oats with almond milk, peanut butter, prunes, and dried coconut}

{Stunning view from an overlook}

{My beautiful hiking buddies}

{A carpet of fiery red leaves}

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  1. Neris said:

    looks like you had lots of fun! the last photo is absolutely amazing!

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

    10.17.11 · Reply
  2. mareli said:

    why do i feel jealous when i look at your life?..humm, i wonder… your weekend in pictures always look fabulous!

    10.30.12 · Reply