My Weekend in Photographs

{The first real Christmas display I’ve seen this year!}

I have to apologize for my photos today as they don’t accurately describe my amazing weekend! Yesterday, I spoke on stage at another Integrative Nutrition event, which was as inspiring and educational as ever. I also got in some quality time with my baby brother, but was having too much fun to leave even for a second to grab my camera! Instead, I snapped some shots of inanimate objects like colorful Christmas decorations that I found at West Elm and the candles that have been ever-burning in our apartment for the last few weeks.

I do promise an extra special recipe post tomorrow…pumpkin brownies. Now those photos could accurately describe my weekend. I ate half of the batch!

{A haunting view of Manhattan from Brooklyn}

{My favorite pumpkin and spice scented candles for Fall}

{Details from a new decanter}

{More Christmas. I couldn’t resist!}

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