My Weekend in Photographs

{Rocking my new J.Crew bracelet}

My weekends usually consist of a lazy Saturday and an action-packed Sunday, where I spend time crossing things off of my to-do list. The last two days were no different. On Saturday, I brunched with my dad’s wife and my baby brother at Candle Cafe, watched movies, ate tacos and drank pomegranate margaritas at Rosa Mexicana, completing nothing that I had to get done. On Sunday, I was a powerhouse: I cooked, cleaned, shopped, organized, had my nails done, blogged, blogged, blogged, and booked one more wedding vendor. My weekend routine ensures that I get some downtime but also that I accomplish as much as possible. I’ve had this schedule for years, and I can’t seem to shake it. Here it is, in photos!

{Redecorated our refrigerator}

{Pomegranate Margaritas at Rosa Mexicana}

{My bundled sleepy brother}

{Andy Warhol keeping an eye on Union Square}

{My favorite discovery of 2012 so far!}

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