Take a Step Back

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My life has been insanity for the past few weeks. Not only am I in the throes of planning our wedding (finalizing details, changing the flowers last minute, rearranging seating charts, making DIY favors…the list goes on and on), but I’ve also taken on a lot more responsibility at work. On top of that, getting married is a really big deal and a ton of emotions come with it. It feels like I’m really growing up and starting my own family which is scary and exciting all at once.

Basically I’m overwhelmed. I’d obviously rather be sitting on those lovely chairs on that lovely beach than being responsible for the 1000 things that I need to get done today. That’s not possible, so today I’m going to commit to taking deep breaths, 10 minute breaks here and there to take a walk or lay down, or do a yoga pose or two. I hope this helps anyone else who is feeling at the end of their rope today!

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