My Weekend in Photographs

{Purple Party!}


I spent this weekend working at and participating in Integrative Nutrition’s Fall IINto Action conference. There were over 3000 Health Coaches who were up to some amazing things! One woman told me how she completely transformed to food system at her daughter’s school- no more high fructose corn syrup to be found! Another woman starting training for 5K races (she’s done 8 so far!) after a stroke in her 50s that would have left most people dependent on others 24/7.


My most memorable moment was getting up on stage to address the crowd 4 times. My stage fright has officially left the building!


Check out some photos of me and my healthy, happy, and fashionable coworkers at the event. The whole weekend was incredibly inspiring and I was so happy to be a part of it!


{Sparkles and color blocking}


{Cute Maryclare}


{Blair: Classic with an emerald twist}


{Jennifer the vintage queen}


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  1. Mikhaila said:

    I’m so bummed I missed out on this. Sounds like it was an amaaaazing weekend. You look gorgeous and so do all the other ladies pictured!!

    9.19.11 · Reply
  2. jargenti said:

    you’ll have to join us for the next one, Mikhaila! 🙂

    9.19.11 · Reply
  3. Neris said:

    all of you ladies look so pretty and happy! i love your outfit and jewelry 🙂

    Happy Monday!


    Fashion Fractions

    9.19.11 · Reply
  4. Jennifer said:

    Love love love these photos! We have such a stylish crowd 🙂

    And, I spy a lot of Stache <3


    9.20.11 · Reply