{Plaid tartan paper with lime green cloth ribbon}


As mentioned in Monday’s post, I have over 30 presents under my apparently-not-big-enough Christmas tree. Every year, I like to give my gifts a different look. One Christmas, I wrapped everything in black and white damask paper with hot pink ribbon. Last year I went for the natural look, using craft paper and colorful ribbons from lime green to bright orange. This year, I was feeling traditional so moved into plaid. I loved the craft look so much, that I incorporated it again this holiday season. I hope that this inspires you to make your gifts as beautiful as the people you are giving them to!


L&L wrapping tip: To make the ends of the ribbon look super professional, fold the ribbon in half vertically, and snip the ends on a diagonal to get a “V” shape as shown in the photo below. Snazzy, right?


I found everything you see in this post from The Container Store. Not sure what to wrap up this year? Check out my gift guides here and here.


{Simplicity: Natural craft paper and bright red ribbed ribbon}


{An unexpected pop of pink and orange}


{I love these gold poofs!}


{Pink and red doesn’t have to be reserved for Valentine’s Day only}


{Raffia ribbon for a rustic vibe}


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