Eyelash Extensions Pros & Cons

Over the summer my sister got lash extensions for the first time. Every time I saw her I thought she had had her make up professionally done. She’s already beautiful but she looked truly stunning at all times. She told me that getting the lashes gave her one of the biggest confidence boosts of her adult life. I mean if I wasn’t sold after that, I would have been insane.

So I made an appointment at a local lash studio (which has since closed, by the way) and got my first set. I walked out of there feeling like a celebrity. I literally stopped in every mirror and reflective surface to stare at my face which is the opposite of my usual self that avoids mirrors like the plague.

The lashes really made me feel pretty and put together, but they came with their own issues, of course. I promised to do a full review after I had a refill and a mini refill so I could speak to everything. In true Type-A fashion, I made a pro and cons list about my experience with lash extensions.

Lash Extension Review: Pros

Confidence booster: I’ve always had a more masculine face because of my Roman nose and lack of lashes. I’ve never really felt feminine and beautiful upon waking up until I had lashes. It was a major confidence booster.

Less time getting ready: Because you don’t have to wear mascara or really any eye makeup, getting ready in the morning was much easier. I would literally put on my Beautycounter liquid foundation, a brush of bronzer and would be ready to go. It would take 2 minutes, literally.

Lash Extension Review: Cons

Expensive: It is very expensive to keep up with lash extensions. I compared prices in my neighborhood and the most affordable option for the first visit was $89 with refills at $69. You generally need to refill once or even twice a month so that could be up to $140/month for lashes which unfortunately isn’t sustainable with my household budget.

High-Maintenance: For the first 48 hours you can’t get them wet which is difficult for face-washing. The third time I went, I realized that I should shower right before I got them done and wash my face then. The next day I would use a cream cleanser on a cotton round instead of regular face wash. After that, you can’t properly wash your face because you can’t rub or really dry the lashes. In addition to the water issue, you have to brush them straight multiple times a day so that they don’t get stuck on each other and pull out. I also felt like I had to sleep on my back which is basically impossible for me but I gave up on that after the first week.

Uncomfortable: The lashes get stuck in your eye which can hurt and it generally just feels weird. The comfort level isn’t terrible but I found myself wanting to rub my eyes more than usual and I couldn’t because the lashes would fall out.

Time-suck: Even though you save time on the daily routine, going to get the refills is a major time-suck. It takes up to 2 hours for the first set and then an hour for refills. And your eyes have to be closed so you can’t answer emails or even scroll through Instagram. Although I have to say it’s incredibly relaxing to lay with your eyes closed for an hour.

Not very clean: I paint my nails and dye my hair so I’m definitely not all about clean beauty all the time but I recently read that there are a lot of crazy chemicals in the nail glue including formaldehyde.

The in-between looks messy: When the lashes fall out between refills, they look messy and sparse.

The final word

I loved the lashes. I felt beautiful and it made my morning routine easier. But at the end of the day, I decided to stop doing them for many reasons but mostly because of the price tag. I will probably do them once in a while for special occasions like holidays or events as a treat for myself.

Although now that my lash extensions are almost all out, I’m missing them already. I might try doing a lash boost next. I’ve heard they’re great and not so high maintenance! Do you have a favorite?

Have you ever done lash extensions? If so, what was your experience like? If you haven’t, would you do them in the future?

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  1. Britta said:

    I have never tried lash extensions but it has been on my list since a couple coworkers have them. Do you find you can see them more? How did it impact your vision if at all?

    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      It didn’t impact my vision at all!

      10.29.19 · Reply
  2. Nichole said:

    Hi Julia!

    I stopped extensions for the same reasons as you-time and money. I have had great results from lash lifts and tints. I had a lift and tint a couple weeks ago and have not worn mascara since. The lifts are obviously more effective the longer your natural lashes are, so I do also use a growth serum. I hope this helps! We all like to wake up feeling fabulous


    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Jen said:

      I have not tried extensions for all the reasons you list and where i live the prices are much higher like $250 for the first appointment.

      I use the R+F lash boost. At first i use it every day but once the growth starts every other is fine. It can help with eyebrows too. I also get a lash lift every six weeks. I think it is $80. They can tint your lashes too which looks great if you have light lashes. I love this solution and I am in my late 40’s and it works for me. I find it to be a great solution. I would never give up being able to rub my eyes.

      10.29.19 · Reply
      • Mary said:

        I agree the Ronan and fields Lash enhancement has made my lashes much longer! I keep having people ask me where I get my extensions done! I think it is more like $120. Also I am not very consistent with using it but I am very happy with the results!

        10.29.19 · Reply
  3. Alex P. said:

    I’m addicted to lash extensions, they make me feel more so much glam even When I’m chasing around a busy toddler. I got a refill yesterday and totally fell asleep on the table

    10.29.19 · Reply
  4. Olivia said:

    I can so relate to this! I have yet to try extensions, due to all the reasons you mention, but have had several lash lifts and tints and am a big fan! I do still get the occasional crooked, uncomfortable lash, but for the most part it is super low maintenance. My esthetician recommends coming back for a tint every few weeks (she offers touch ups for free), but honestly, I’m there more for the lift/curl than the color. I still use mascara if I want to feel glammed up, but work from home so just the little lift is enough to make me feel more put together without makeup for daycare drop offs! I tend to push it, but should go every 6-7 weeks to keep up with the lift ($100 for lift and tint). It’s probably a little over an hour with the eyes closed, and I totally feel asleep last time!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  5. Jessica said:

    I too tried lash extensions and had a really hard time sitting through the refills. I would fall asleep but be very uncomfortable for some reason. I have since tried Revitalash and absolutely love it. I have had to trim my natural lashes twice!!! Zero irritation. Tarte man eater mascara is the best too!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  6. Alyssa said:

    I got them for my wedding and loved the look of them so much. But much like you, the cons outweighed the pros. I just never felt like I was getting my face clean enough, which was driving me crazy! There’s nothing that compares to waking up and looking so put together though!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  7. Sydnie said:

    I just recently got mine off. I put them on because I have a newborn and it was a major time saver. I loved them but I hated the way they looked when they started falling out. I also hated not being able to scrub my entire face or sleep on my stomach!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  8. Amy said:

    Have you thought about doing a lash boost (revitalash worked for me without irritating my super sensitive eyes) and then doing a lash lift and tint? I swear it’s better that lash extensions!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  9. Jess said:

    Latisse for a big bottle is 145$ or around and would last three months and will 100% grow your lashes amazing like nothing else.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  10. Laura said:

    I have a totally unrelated question – last night in your instastories Amalia was wearing a cute Patagonia jacket. Do you know which one it is? It looked like the nano puff or the down sweater? And do you keep it on her in the car seat or wait until you are out to put it on?

    p.s. you are gorgeous even without the false lashes!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  11. Mary said:

    I’ve been hearing great things about AO Organics lash and eyebrow serum. They are a small company based in Hawaii, and the product is currently sold out, but hopefully they make more soon! I will definitely be trying once they’re back in stock. They’ve shared some before and after photos on their IG. P.S. you are beautiful with or without lash extensions! ❤

    10.29.19 · Reply
  12. Ali said:

    What about your drooping eyelid? Wasn’t that related to the lash extensions?

    I imagine that would be a big con – and something I’ve heard about happening to others with lashes, it’s the biggest deterrent for me.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  13. Lindsay said:

    Try the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost. It really works! One bottle lasts a long time. I use every other night.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  14. Kelly said:

    I did them but stopped for the same reason! I have since used Lash Boost from R+F and it definitely increased my length but I didn’t really see any increase in volume. Still love it though and continue to use!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  15. Christine said:

    Do lash lifting ! Dm me for details I do them and I’m near you!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  16. Christine said:

    Message me or email I do lash lifting ! I am near you too! Pls contact me privately I can tell you all the details !

    10.29.19 · Reply
  17. Joan said:

    Try Revitalash. It made a big difference for me! I still use mascara, but may ladhes are fuller and longer.

    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      People seem to love it! I need to give it a try again. I did it years ago and it made my eyelids red but I’m going to give it another shot.

      10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I’m definitely going to try one of them. Totally sold after reading these comments!

      10.29.19 · Reply
  18. Lauren said:

    Loved them at first, but I developed an allergy to the glue, and my lids would swell and hurt.
    My own lashes would start falling after a while and weaken. Not good. Went from diva look to ugly duckling
    I think falsies straps work better for me just for a special occasion. In the meantime I use Latisse to grow my own lashes and go for a more natural look.

    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      My eyes started getting really itchy at the end. I wonder if it was an allergy like yours.

      10.29.19 · Reply
  19. Kelsey said:

    It’s definitely not for everyone, as I was skeptic after my first full set, but now I’m an addict. I’m going on two years now of having extensions and I can’t imagine not having them. I’m not a makeup guru and never wear a lot so they make me feel super put together – even in leggings and a T-shirt. The confidence booster is my pro that outweighs all the cons. I get a fill every 2 weeks and now it’s worked into my budget so that it doesn’t prove to be a hardship. Even if they aren’t for everyone, it’s always a nice option when you need to be GLAM

    10.29.19 · Reply
  20. Corey said:

    I felt the same, glad I’m not the only one! Too high maintenance, hard to get appointments if you work a 9-5, especially in Darien… But boy they look great, and I’m jealous of those who can maintain them.
    I use Grandelash now. It’s way better than nothing. How’d getting them off go? It really stung my eyes!
    Keep us posted if you try a tint and lift in Fairfield county…

    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I’m SO jealous of people who can maintain them. I’ve literally never felt so pretty in my life. I just let them fall out so I still have a few lashes here and there. It looks a little scary lol

      10.29.19 · Reply
  21. Danielle said:

    I tried the lash extensions after your post and I felt the same way you did. I have tried the lash boost with with tint and would recommend trying it over extensions. You can wash your face regularly and you still have a great affect and curl, you would have to apply mascara but that would be at your discretion. And it last twice as long!!!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  22. Alex said:

    I have tried lash extensions from a few different salons and I finally found a place that eliminated all the cons you mentioned. I really think the quality and comfort of the lashes depends on the integrity of the salon or studio you go to. I live in Upstate NY so I can’t give you any recommendations on places to go to in CT; I only recommend trying another studio that stands but he value of their products.

    As far as washing my face, I do not use soap and water. I use coconut oil to remove make up and then a warm washcloth to remove the excess oil. Then I tone with witch hazel and apple cider vinegar. I really think this skin routine helps me retain my lashes between fills.

    As a mom of two, lash extensions saves me so much time and effort, it’s worth the $$.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  23. Truly said:

    Have you heard about Lashify? http://www.lashify.com They have a pop-up at Bloomingdale’s until Nov. 2. I went last week. I loved it! I was a big extension fan but my lashes would get so short after wearing them. It would take weeks and weeks to get my normal lash length back and the “time-suck” is real! 😉 I have never been good at strip lashes but lashify is so much easier than strip and they look like extensions. Tons of tutorials on IG. The initial kit is $$ but after you have that, the lashes themselves aren’t too expensive. So ends up being a lot less than extensions. It’s awesome…anyway they are my new fav and maybe you’d like them too! 🙂

    p.s. I used to train with Anel at Inform! I still go every week thanks to him! Tell him I said hi! Oh and Amalia is the cutest! Love the IG stories!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  24. Elizabeth said:

    Have you thought about a lash lift vs. extensions?

    10.29.19 · Reply
    • Julia said:

      I think I’m going to do a boost and a lift/tint. Will report back!

      10.29.19 · Reply
  25. Libby said:

    I have friends who use Lash Boost from Rodan and Fields, and they LOVE it. I have seen great results from using this, like insanely luscious lashes! A PharmD I used to work with used Lash Boost, and omg did her lashes look killer!! Also, if a PharmD blessed the ingredients in Lash Boost then I think it is pretty safe and effective!
    I think my mom and I are going to get a lash tint and lift when I am home for Thanksgiving! I will let you know what I think!

    xx Libby

    10.29.19 · Reply
  26. Try Lashify!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  27. Meredith said:

    I always wanted to try lash extensions but when Rodan+Fields launches Lash Boost several years ago, I couldn’t wait to try it and I LOVE it and have been using it ever since! I love that it also conditions, strengthens and protects your lashes (and eyebrows!)

    10.29.19 · Reply
  28. Megan said:

    I have tried lash extensions and lash lifts with a tint. By far I preferred the lash lift and tint. Way less upkeep and it looks really natural since it’s actually your own lashes. It also takes way less time to get done- only 45 minutes or so.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  29. Rose said:

    Amazing Lash Studio has a lash foam wash it keeps lashes clean.And, if you do a membership it is not costly. I was sceptical at first. But the atmosphere is clean and professional Bonus, peace and quiet for one hour!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  30. Lucy said:

    I did Rodan and field for awhile and even though it worked, the price tag wasn’t worth it. I started using Grande Lash (which is cheapest at walmart) nightly about 3 months ago. My lashes have grown so much! I have very short,straight eyelashes and grande lash has made mascara work better on my lashes.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  31. Julia Huguez said:

    I get them done all the time. I usually go for a natural as possible set. Love them yes the always made up look is certainly a confidence boost. I’m 57 and need the extra oomph. In my area a decent set runs $35.00 not bad but yes the up keep is extra money that could be spent elsewhere. Time wise it’s so worth it.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  32. Kate said:

    I live in NYC and one great money saving tip I’ve found is Groupon! They have endless studios that offer great deals on extensions; I’ve paid as low as $45 for a brand new full set. These studios also honor the Groupon price for 3+ visits so it can be used more than once. Con here is that they aren’t the BEST studios, but they get the job done for much less. I hope that helps!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  33. tracey said:

    I do a lash lift and tint which I LOVE! It’s about the price of getting lashes for the first time but it lasts about 8 weeks and it’s only 45 minutes to an hour to get it done. You have to keep them dry for 24 hours but then can wash normally. You can also wear mascara on top for an extra dramatic look. I highly recommend it! It subtly wears off with no damage to your lashes

    10.29.19 · Reply
  34. Thank you for sharing! The maintenance seems like so much and I had been scared off by the long term damage. Lash Boost from Rodan & Fields has been a game changer for me!! I have 2 boys with the most amazing lashes and love that I can bat my own now too. Really love to help you if you are ready to try Lash Boost or have any questions!

    10.29.19 · Reply
  35. Dee said:

    LOVE my lash extensions! I’ve had them on for a year and can’t get rid of them.

    10.29.19 · Reply
  36. Roni Bobadilla said:

    I have tried lashes extension and yes i do agree with everything that you said.
    Lol…but we do anything for beauty.
    I have tried castor oil to grow my lashes and eye brows like recommended by many. Maybe they work for some but definitely not for all.
    I never really believed that any hair growing products work until I saw a girl at school with such long lashes and complimented her.
    She said “thank you but my lashes are enhanced.”
    I asked what she meant and she said I use Rodan & Field lash boost.
    I immediately ordered it and started using it.
    In two weeks time my lashes are getting longer.
    One month later, I was having lunch with my daughter and she said “Mom, your lashes are beautiful, are they real?” Of course I told her what I’m using.
    She is now a regular and happy user of Rodan and field.
    I will not say or recommend anything unless I know for sure or have experienced it.
    I swear by Rodan & Field lash boost…really work.
    Good luck ladies.

    10.30.19 · Reply
  37. Those are pretty much the same feeling I had about false lashes. They really do look beautiful, but they’re too expensive and high maintenance and I don’t like all those chemicals around my eyes… seems like that’s asking for trouble. Thanks for the honest review.

    11.3.19 · Reply
  38. I’ve heard similar thoughts about fake lashes, so I was actually considering doing the perm/tint instead! Would you consider doing that too, or are you over the whole last thing since your extensions?

    11.9.19 · Reply
  39. Mon said:

    Darling Lemon, welcome to the club! Lashes are addictive! I’m in the same boat as you are and have barely any lashes of my own. Or so I thought…
    I’ve been wearing lashes for about 5 y now. My main advice to you: please, shop around more. Groupons are a cheaper way to try new places. Try different technicians at 1 place. The difference can be night and day for the same price! Really.
    I live in expensive Newport Beach and get refills every 3 weeks for $55. It takes my amazing technician only 30-35 minutes. And she puts in such an amazing amount of lashes – medium long ones – I cannot believe where they all come from! With previous technicians I barely saw the difference and they were more expensive.
    I am allergic to every lash enhancer I tried.
    I do cover my lashes with a home made shield of soft transparent plastic, which I tape to my forehead with blue masking tape before I wash my hair or take a long shower.
    I cleanse my eyelids thoroughly without rubbing the lashes to avoid grease build-up, especially on days I don’t wear eye make up.

    11.26.19 · Reply
  40. Gabriele Holler said:

    Have been doing them for 4 months now and just love them ! I live in a small town and the cost is $ 40 a fill . I had chemo and my lashes are very small and far in between and life is so so short do what your heart desires.

    11.26.19 · Reply
  41. Afrodite said:

    There is no formaldehyde in lash extension adhesive. The chemical is cyanoacrylate. You can shower after with most adhesives, just dont stick your head facing the shower head. You should.wash your lashes.

    11.27.19 · Reply
  42. Great post! My personal experience with eyelash extensions was not good. I once used them and got my eyes swollen so i never used them again. Now i use lash lift.

    12.19.19 · Reply
  43. Christine said:

    Hi Julia,
    I want to invite you to a complimentary Lash lift and tint with me at my studio @liftedlashandbrowstudio located in Milford Ct!

    I’m a huge fan also and have been following you for a long time!

    Please contact me when you are ready for an appointment! 203-693-1517 or lifedlashstudio1@gmail.com

    2.9.21 · Reply