The Best Natural Products for Acne

Best Natural Products for Acne Prone Skin

I’ve talked about my acne-prone skin time and again, and one of the questions I get asked most often on social media is, “What products should I use for acne/oily skin?” Over the years, I’ve tried seemingly hundreds of products, but it’s only been in the last year that I switched all of them to natural ones. In this day and age, there’s no reason to put unnecessary chemicals all over your skin unless you need to. So here is my list of tried and true natural cleansers, toners, moisturizers, spot treatments, and masks for acne prone skin.

A good natural cleanser for acne-prone skin is harder to find than you might think. A lot of them dry you out or simply don’t work without the harsh chemicals. Luckily, I’ve tried a whole lot of product, and will share my favorites with you now.

Steal: I actually prefer the cheaper product here. I’ve sworn by Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash for years (I always use it with a Clarisonic), and it’s never let me down.

Splurge: While I usually stick with my usual face wash, sometimes it’s nice to feel a little fancier. John Masters makes a great oil free cleanser that comes out in a foam that makes you feel squeaky clean. And it smells insanely delicious too!

I use a toner after every single wash. My technique is to pour toner directly onto a cotton round, then wipe the round all over my face and neck. I let it dry before I apply moisturizer.

Steal: Try Thayers Witch Hazel Original Formula. I randomly discovered this at Fairway one day and fell in love. It’s not harsh, and keeps my skin super clear. Plus it smells amazing and clean.

Splurge: My all-time favorite toner for acne-prone skin is SW Basics 5-ingredient toner. It’s made with apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and essential oils. That’s it! It smells a little vinegar-y but is so worth it for the results, trust me.

I only moved to a natural moisturizer for the first time this fall. I was so obsessed with the one that I had been using for years, that I was scared of changing things up and breaking out like crazy.

Steal: I have been using Acure Oil Free Moisturizer for about two months now and haven’t seen one breakout since I started. It’s hard to find a good moisturizer that actually moisturizes but keeps my skin clear. This one does it for a great price! I found it by asking a team member at Whole Foods randomly one day.

Splurge: Man if I could use only Tata Harper products for the rest of my life, I’d be a happy camper. Sadly, my wallet doesn’t always allow for it, but once in a while I go for the splurge. The Tata Harper Clarifying Moisturizer is one of those products that I’ll shell out the big bucks for every so often. I prefer it in the summer because it is super light.

Spot Treatment
No matter how well you take care of your skin, if you have acne, it’s going to pop up every now and again. Ahem, once a month perhaps? When the time strikes, I immediately turn to spot treatments to dry out the blemish (or blemishes) without drying out my entire face.

Steal: I use this product Desert Essence Blemish Stick whenever I’m starting to break out. I’ll dab it on after cleansing and toning, and then let it dry before applying moisturizer. It’s made of only tea tree oil, so you know it’s a clean product.

Splurge: I love the brand Herbivore, so decided to test out their Herbivore Blue Clay Spot Treatment last month. It’s a little more work than the roll on but works insanely well. I put it on what I thought was going to be a zinger

I never really understood the importance of masks when it comes to oily skin until I started using them. My favorites were all laden with chemicals, so it took a while to find great natural options that did the same job. Luckily, I have two great product suggestions for you that are, in my opinion, better than any mainstream mask.

Steal: Don’t let the super low price point deter you from trying Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. For $10, it delivers serious bang for your buck. When I first moved to New York and could barely afford groceries, let alone fancy beauty products, this clay mask saved me. It also lasts forever.

Splurge: The Tata Harper Purifying Mask is a game-changer. It’s a little pricey but man does it work. It leaves you glowing and clean. I use it once a week without fail. If the price is a little high for your budget, buy it and use it once a month. It will last a lot longer that way!

What are your favorite natural acne products? I’m always looking for new ones to try!

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