Bathroom Makeover

Lemon Stripes' Bath Fiiter Bathroom Makeover

I’ve shared many of the rooms from our new house but I never thought I’d have a bathroom that was beautiful enough to feature on my blog. If you remember about a month ago, I shared some before photos of the pretty mundane space. Today it looks completely different and I couldn’t be happier with how our bathroom makeover turned out!

It all started when Bath Fitter asked if I wanted to remodel my bathtub, backsplash, doors, and fixtures. I was kind of on the fence because I didn’t want to deal with any of the work but the process couldn’t have been easier or quicker, and once it was installed, I was shocked at how it turned out. The room looks completely elevated and like something I would see in a nice hotel, not my little old house!

Last week, the Bath Fitter team came over and installed the new tub in less than a day. It was insane! I went out to lunch and when I came home they were almost finished. Not only that, but they cleaned and sanitized the entire thing before I ever even stepped foot in it. Everything was custom made for my space so when they installed it over my existing tub and walls, it was guaranteed to be a perfect fit. It was cool to see them put the custom acrylic tub and backsplash over the current wall and tub without having to rip anything out.

My favorite part of the bathroom makeover is that the walls are a one-piece unit with seamless corners guaranteeing a waterless fit. When I first heard the word “acrylic”, I was skeptical but it looks like real tile with the same amount of shine and is about 1000% times easier to clean. Win/win!

To finish off the room, we put up the cutest striped wallpaper (always hire out for wallpapering btw, trying yourself is apparently a nightmare) and added a Gray Malin print for some fun and color. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

See more “before” photos here and scroll down for all of the bathroom makeover details.

Bath Measurements

Final measurements before getting the show on the road!

Lemon Stripes' bathroom Gray Malin print

Bath Fitter Tub Glass Doors

Details from Lemon Stripes bathroom makeover with Design Darling vase

Lemon Stripes Bath Fitters Before and After

The Finished Product: Before and After

Striped Bathroom Wallpaper

Julia Dzafic's Shower Storage by Bath Fitter

So much new storage space

Julia Dzafic's Home Bathroom Makeover Details

Bath Fitter Shower Fixtures Bathroom Makeover

The Fixtures: Before and After

Julia Dzafic Home Bathroom Makeover :Farrow & Ball Wallpaper

Bath Fitter Small Shelf

Everything Bath Related: Bath Fitter c/o
Wallpaper: Farrow & Ball
Print: Gray Malin
Frame: Framebridge
Mirror: Home Depot
Vase: Design Darling

Thank you to Bath Fitter for sponsoring this post.

Julia Dzafic Home Bathroom Makeover Reveal

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  1. sarah.gouin said:

    Looks good! Love the wall paper.

    4.21.16 · Reply
  2. Emily said:

    I love the wallpaper! I will be attempting to do my own in about a week! It is one giant wall, but I am still iffy on it! Eek!


    4.21.16 · Reply
  3. Katie said:

    Looks fantastic!

    4.21.16 · Reply
  4. Wendy said:

    love the wallpaper. The shower tile in the before was lovely. Was it in bad shape or was the offer of a free tub just too much resist 🙂 ?

    4.21.16 · Reply
  5. Jess Zimlich said:

    It looks so amazing…just like a beach house! Also, that Origins charcoal mask is my absolute favorite 🙂

    26 and Not Counting

    4.21.16 · Reply
  6. Lauren said:

    I thought the backsplash in the tub was nicer before the change. The mirror above the sink really opens up the room and the wall paper adds a nice touch!

    4.21.16 · Reply
  7. Rosa Fairfield said:

    This is by far the most beautiful room I have ever seen, after the remodel.

    4.22.16 · Reply
  8. CelebratingthisLife said:

    Unbelievable! What a change! I like that you went with glass doors, I have been contemplating that for my bathroom and I really like how yours turned out! xx Rox-Anne,

    4.22.16 · Reply
  9. Katie said:

    I have been loving all of your home tours, Julia! Every room is gorgeous and I love how your bathroom turned out!


    4.23.16 · Reply
  10. Elana said:

    Wow this looks incredible! You are such a talented interior designer. I love all of your decor posts!

    4.26.16 · Reply