Kitchen & Dining Room Updates

I’ve made a few small changes over the last year to our kitchen and dining room areas that I never shared so finally snapped some pictures of the space which is just so bright, light, colorful, and perfect for my family. Please note that it’s never this clean so don’t think that I live in a styled out bubble with two perfectly placed lemons on the counter 🙂

Credenza: First of all, we need to discuss the amazing refurbished credenza that I found at Mongers Market, painted in my very favorite shade of blue. I sold our old one to my neighbor who had been eyeing it so everyone has a happy home now. I had been feeling like there was a little too much rattan (apparently there is such a thing) with our counter stools, dining chairs, and the old credenza and the blue one fit into our decor so perfectly it was a match made in heaven.

Bar Cabinet: I also replaced our bar cart with a closed bar cabinet (almost 50% off right now) because I didn’t want the alcohol to feel like a such a prominent display.  Now that I’m trying to drink less and have alcohol in my life less, it felt metaphorical to put it behind closed doors. I also just love this bar cabinet from Anthropologie and wanted an excuse to buy it.

Kitchen Hardware: I had been wanting to swap out our old chrome hardware for matte black for a while and finally got around to it last month. I went to Rings End (the most amazing place if you’re local) and looked at approximately one million options and landed on these simple Emtek pulls in 4″, 6″ and 8″ for different sizes of cabinets and drawers. It’s kind of amazing how hardware alone can totally transform a kitchen.

These three changes somehow feel like they transformed the space we use most in our home.

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