Artist Spotlight: Kristen Tirney

I have been following Kristen Tirney for a long time and have been coveting her original artwork for years, ever since I saw this one installed in Chrissy’s house. Her use of texture is absolutely stunning, especially in her textured leaf paintings.

Some of her paintings feel more photo-realistic while others are more abstract, but they all incorporate texture in some way. The woman can do it all! And every single piece of art I’ve seen by her evokes a sense of serenity and peace.

Kristen reached out to me a few months ago about creating a painting for our home in exchange for an Instagram post and I just about flew out of my seat I was so excited!

Anel and I spent a long time going through her Instagram posts and screenshotting our favorite canvases. We had a lot of back and forth about what we were looking for but ultimately agreed on an abstract ocean scene in blues, whites, and greys.

We then sent her images of the bedroom along with links to the dresser and wallpaper so she could create something that fit perfectly with what we already had going on.

She exceeded our expectations. This painting is gorgeous! Pictures don’t do it justice. Scroll down for some more images of her installed artwork and get ready to be blown away. You can see more of her installed work here.

Photos of our room by yours truly. All other photos by Julia Dags.

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