Our Back Patio

It’s done it’s done it’s done! I will share all of our siding before and afters next week (with a lot more detail on this space) but I wanted to share our beautiful back patio today. This outdoor space is so perfect for my family and one of best investments we’ve made in our house so far. It’s been a long time coming, the demo and build-out started in March, followed by the new siding and new back door, followed by new patio furniture from our amazing friends at Serena & Lily.

We now have so much usable outdoor space and spend a ton of time out here. I love when friends or family come for dinner at the table then we move over to the lounge chairs and sofa for drinks. This patio has allowed me to entertain in the way I’ve always wanted and it feels so good.

You might notice that there is a lot of empty space. We intentionally kept it as uncluttered out here as possible for our two very active little kids. We find ourselves moving the lounge chairs to the left side to put up the water table and blow up pool every weekend and this set up makes that a breeze.

Eventually we plan to add a few side tables and another sofa across from the current one, but for now we need the flexibility. If we have a lot of people over we move our Adirondack chairs form the grass to the patio and that works just fine.

The below before and after really gets me! As you can kind of tell from the photos, we almost tripled the size of our deck with the stone patio and the glass door made way more of an impact that I was expecting from the outside.

We went back and forth on what kind of stone to use but always landed on bluestone. It is really beautiful and has a lot of depth in its color. It is also very common in our area so it feels right with the landscape.

For furniture, I’m so grateful to Serena & Lily for helping us to furnish this space. They gifted us almost everything you see here.

Check out the original plan here and more details on our siding project here.

Above: Vase / Tablecloth / Napkins / Dress / Scroll down to the bottom of this post for all details

Serena & Lily Patio Furniture

Serena & Lily Outdoor Dining

Serena & Lily Patio Furniture and Accessories

Outdoor Sofa
Coffee Table (The original plan has this one but we switched last minute because we liked the simplicity of the new one.)
Lounge Chairs
Outdoor Dining Chairs
Cane Glasses
Cane Pitcher
Cane Hurricane used as a vase (size medium)
Outdoor Pillow
Striped Outdoor Pillow (not pictured)
Teak Dining Table
Striped Tablecloth Napkins

Thank you to Serena & Lily for gifting us our outdoor furniture patio in exchange for coverage. We absolutely love partnering with you! Photos by Julia Dags.

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