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My sister bought a Le Sportsac backpack last year and I remember thinking it was kind of strange. I haven’t worn a backpack since elementary school (If you’re wondering, it was LL Bean with my initials embroidered into it). But she sparked something in me and now I really feel like I need one especially since I work from home and have to travel to meetings and coffee shops with my lap top. I looked around and here are my picks for the best backpacks for grown ups.

I’m loving this Madewell leather rucksack and the nautical stripes from Tory Burch.

In creating this post, I couldn’t stop thinking about the line from 10 Things I Hate About You, “There’s a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack.” How amazing was that movie? I think it’s time for a viewing.

1. Tory Burch Viva backpack
2. Stela 9 Diego backpack
3. Bank Fashion floral backpack
4. Madewell leather rucksack
5. Bank Fashion Libby Backpack
6. Bop Basics raffia crochet backpack
7. Prada Vela backpack
8. Tory Burch Pierson backpack
9. Le Sportsac basic backpack in Yacht Club print

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  1. Rose said:

    Totally saw a girl carrying a floral backpack this weekend and I wondered where she’d gotten it, but hadn’t tried to track it down yet and you just saved me a huge headache haha. I love how they’ve gotten pretty grown-up! Also, makes me think of 10 Things I Hate About You, too 🙂

    5.29.13 · Reply
  2. Khaleelah said:

    hm, I never even considered buying a backpack- in fact, I’ve been opposed to it for a while, even though it makes getting to work a huge hassle and I look like a bag lady! However, these are all so cute, I might have to think again!

    5.29.13 · Reply
  3. I have a Kate Spade backpack that I frequently use when traveling, it can be nice to have your arms free of carrying a handbag when you’re out for the day sightseeing and a backpack can be less tiring on your shoulders than a crossbody.

    5.30.13 · Reply