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Obviously Annie Griffin Collection is one of my favorite brands given how many times I’ve featured their pieces (this tunic, these pants, this shirt, and this blouse). Well add this ikat blouse to the mix because it’s a current favorite child in my closet (Shh don’t tell my other clothes. I don’t want them to get a complex.). I love it because it’s so loose and comfortable but the unique neck line gives it an edge.

To keep up with the fun pattern, I added a velvet bun bow to the look. How fun will that be for the holidays? Ok I really have nothing much else to write about this outfit so I’ll just stop writing now. Enjoy the colors and patterns.

An update on my attitude adjustment this week for you too: Things have been going really well! My body feels happy about the decisions I’m making food-wise and that has made my mind clearer and more open to new projects and ideas. I cancelled some of the press previews I had scheduled which I felt guilty about at first but have since let that guilt go (What’s the point?). That opened up more time for me to work on my business which has, in turn, picked up a lot this week.

It only takes one or two tweaks in your daily routine to make a big difference!

Side note: If you need to know how to make a donut bun, here is my tutorial!

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Photos by Rebecca.

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  1. Sloane said:

    You are a pro at print- mixing! Love the bow as well.




    10.30.13 · Reply
  2. Cara said:

    I love that bow! Can we expect to see it in your shop soon?

    10.30.13 · Reply
  3. Ashley T said:

    I’m a big fan of AGC. Their pieces all fit so well! Love your bow addition to the bun 🙂

    10.30.13 · Reply
  4. Arun said:

    You can find Ikat Stoles here: http://goo.gl/YGvxlj

    10.31.13 · Reply
  5. HissAndTell said:

    Loving the addition of the bow to your top knot. Beyond brilliant!

    11.2.13 · Reply