Covered in Stripes

{shirts, pants, headband, shoes: J.Crew; necklace: Anthropologie; bracelet: Purple Paparazzi; bracelet: Coach; ring: iLoveMe}

This is going to sound weird, but in my office, we have a theme day once/month. Last Friday was “Stripes Day” so obvi I had to go all out. Note the striped headband, shirts, necklace, and shoes. For the actual theme day contest, I also added in a striped belt for extra momentum. Unfortunately I was beat by my coworker who showed up in a home-made zebra costume (Scroll all the way down to see the winner’s outfit). How can you beat that?!

Notice my awesome coral bracelet in these shots? It’s made by a fabulous up and coming jewelry company, Purple Paparazzi. Stop by tomorrow to win one of their coveted pieces!

And the winner for best stripes is….

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  1. Whitney said:

    You can never wear too many stripes, in my opinion.  Great outfit.

    4.30.12 · Reply
  2. Bailey Stoler O'Dea said:

    i kinda think you should have won…much more pleasing to the eyes!

    4.30.12 · Reply